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Top 11 Apps to Edit Your Selfies and Make Them More Gorgeous

Calling out to all the selfie addicts out there! Are you having trouble with the quality of your selfies? Or you in the hunt for a good selfie phone application to further enhance your beauty on photos? Then you’re in luck, here are the top 11 apps you’ll need for a gorgeous selfie.

Top 11 Apps to Edit Your Selfies and Make Them More Gorgeous

Take Your Selfies to the Next Level


Everybody loves taking selfies, right?When eating food, you take a selfie first (#homemade). After waking up, selfie again (#wokeuplikethis) and a lot of different events that needs documentation (#everyeventofmylife). Nowadays, there are a lot of phone applications that you can utilize to edit selfies and your phone probably have more than enough selfie applications. So to help you decide which to keep, here are the top selfie apps and their features.


 1. Camera+

This application has a feature called Clarity. It enhances the colors and details of the photo when it comes to clarity, saturation or brightness. It doesn’t have filters but if you just want to have a clear and nicely detailed selfie with proper lighting, this app is for you.


 2. Tadaaa

If you want to take charge in editing the brightness and other attributes of your selfies, this app is for you. You can adjust the quality of images and use many fun filters as well.


 3. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

YouCam is a great selfie app that comes with a lot of photo editing features. It’s great for selfie lovers who wants to take a selfie and use its beautifying effects. Like removing that stubborn breakout that just appeared this morning.


 4. Bright Camera

If you want great frames and effects for your selfies, you have to try using this app. It is a popular app that makes sharing your images to any social network easier.


 5. Retrica

Many selfie lovers have taken a liking to this app due to its many features. It offers 100+ filters in real-time, timer, watermarking, collage making and more. Its great interface is also a bonus.


 6. Selfie Studio

This app is designed for front camera use only. It lets you play with different colors to brighten your face and other various features. It includes silent shoot, volume key shutter and many more.


 7. CamMe

If your phone is in iOs, this is a great and popular selfie app for you. It includes fun features like photo booths and fun shot templates.


 8. Candy Camera

Another selfie app that is highly recommended. It has real time effects and lots of filters to choose from. It also includes blemish removal and makeup features.


 9. Perfect 365

If you want an automatic fix to your selfies, this app is perfect for you. It also claims that this app can make you look like a model.  You like that, right?


 10. Create a Perfect Selfie

If you have a windows phone, don’t worry because this is a selfie app fro you. It is a high rated app in Windows Phone Store that includes a lot of editing features such as filters, frames and beautification tools.


 11. FaceTune

FaceTune app lets you correct the skin imperfections that you have. If you have zits and blemishes, this app erases and smoothens your skin.

You can use any of these apps to edit your selfies now. There’s nothing wrong with editing your pictures, especially if you want to enhance the beauty that you have while showing it to the world. Everybody wants to look good. Make sure that when you’re editing your pictures, the outcome will make you feel good about yourself and not the opposite. So what are you waiting for? Take that selfie now!


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