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[Wedding Checklists] 25 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers that Are So Whimsical and Dainty

Whimsical wedding cake toppers are unconventional and fun. It is the best way to express the unique personalities of the bride and groom.


[Wedding Checklists] 25 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers that Are So Whimsical and Dainty

Add a Whimsy Touch to Your Wedding Party!

Do you want your wedding cake to stand out? It’s a piece of cake! Seal it with your own personality with these 25 unique wedding cake toppers we have combined just for you!

1. Key to your heart 

He who holds the key unlocks her heart.

2. Mr. & Mrs.

One of the best ways to show off to the world your new titles.

3. Mr. & Mrs. and Your New Last Name

Seal your union by putting your new last name on top of your wedding cake.

4. On First Name Basis

If you are not changing your last name, why not use your first names for a whimsical wedding topper?

5. Tree Slices

If you are stumped (pun intended) for unique ideas, try using these logs to bring out a rustic feel to the wedding.

6. Meaningful Quote

Do you have a favorite line from a book or a movie? Artfully arrange it on your cake.

7. Clothes Pins Bride and Groom

This simple bride and groom topper made from clothespin is so fun and unique.

8. Paper Dolls

You can stick this on top of the cake and when the cake is all gone  glue it on your scrapbook afterwards.

9. Dancing in the Moonlight

We love the vintage and romantic feel of this cake topper.

10. Cuddly Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are sweet and cuddly just like your honey.

11. Sweet Animals

Animals of the forest are cute toppers that everyone will remember.

12. Glitters

Do not dull your shine. Add some sparkle to your wedding!

13. White roses and hydrangeas

Fresh white roses just match everything and it has an ethereal look to it.

14. Dreamy lilac flowers

Colored flowers add a pop of color to your white wedding cake.

15. Bunting

Add festivity to your ceremony with these colored buntings.

16. Buntings and flowers

Flowers and buntings are the perfect boho combination wedding cake topper.

17. Silhouette

Silhouettes add an old world feel to your wedding.

18. Butterflies

Butterflies are light, fun and dreamy way to dress up your cake.

19. Beach Inspired Topper

This beach inspired topper is perfect for summer weddings where the sun, sea and sand meet.

20. Double Heart Wire Art Tree Wedding Decoration

This intricately entwined wire art has a functional swing. After the wedding, you can also put it on display.

21. Mr. & Mrs. Puzzle Pieces

Finding the missing piece of your puzzle is the perfect solution to feeling alone.

22. Miyazaki Inspired Topper

If you are a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, this whimsical wedding cake topper is for you!

23. Kissy Fishy

Kissing fishes are just too cute! These are perfect for underwater and beach weddings.

24. Panda Love Angels

These are fancy handmade personalized Panda’s with swarovski crystals!

25. Love Birds

No one can beat love birds! They mate for life.


Do you want to make your own whimsical wedding cake topper? Here is a video tutorial for you:


Which whimsical wedding cake topper caught your fancy? Do you have a wedding cake topper you would like to share? Leave us a message below.


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