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How To Cheat Your Way To Vintage Style

When it comes to fashion, vintage never goes out of style. If you’re at a loss for vintage outfit ideas, never fear. This infographic has everything you need to cheat your way to kick-ass vintage style. 

How to Cheat Your Way to Vintage Style

Vintage style is a whole other category of fashion; one where learning the basics is essential to picking outfits worthy of being featured on The Sartorialist.

Today, we’re featuring this Vintage Style Cheat Sheet which gives you everything you need to know to create great vintage-inspired outfits.

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Researching what era a specific look came from can be confusing, but, thankfully, this guide has give us the answers we need to create different vintage outfits and make it look as authentic as possible.

We hope this guide helped! If you have your own styling tips, share them with us on Facebook or via the Comments section below!

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