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[Tutorial] Wedding Hairstyle: Ultimate Bohemian Waterfall Braid

Thinking of a stunning ‘dos for your wedding? Continue scrolling to learn this easy-to-follow hair tutorial from the Hollywood hair stylist, Larisa Love.

[Tutorials] Wedding Hairstyle: Ultimate Bohemian Waterfall Braid

Stunning Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Weddings happen just once in a lifetime. Thus, everything must be perfect, especially your look from head to toe. With the increasing popularity of braided hairstyles, many brides, including you, will prefer to have a braided hair on their special day to achieve the perfection we long dream of.

Bohemian Waterfall Braid ‘Do is one of the most attractive hairstyles nowadays. This type of braid is pretty, very feminine and eye-catching. At the same time it is naturally subtle — not too heavy to look at.

This wedding hairstyle is quick and easy to do. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started!



  1. First perfectly split your hair down the center and you can start the braid in either side. You start on our more dominant side.
  2. Take a big section of hair (this time on her left hand-side). You will need to use that as your base, going all the way around.
  3. Split it into two and place one over the other. 
  4. Take another strand of hair, pull it over the top strand and let it go.

All The Way-Around

  1. Next, you just need to twist two strands of hair one time.
  2. Make sure that you are holding the strands very tightly to see the waterfall braid or it’s all going to be messed up.
  3.  Repeat the same steps. Take another top section, put it over the top strands, let it go and twist the two strands you have in your hand all the way around.
  4. The two last section, you will just twist them together and make to carefully and tightly bobby pin them inside the braid. Have bobby pins which have the same color to your hair as you don’t want those pins to show.


Finishing Up

  1. Create a beach wave in your hair using a curler.
  2. Take a random strand of hair, round it over in the curler and leave it for like 10 seconds.
  3. Take a piece of strand from the waterfall and curl them as well. This way, the waterfall effect is visibly emphasized.
  4. Use a windswept defining whip to break in the curl and have that perfect Waterfall Braid Wave


You can also see a full video tutorial here:


You have now finished your Bohemian Waterfall Braid updo‘.

What do you think about it? Try it on your next hairstyle and let us know how it went by leaving comments below.


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