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10 Ways To Stay Active Indoors During Fall

Aaaaah.. fall! It’s that time of the year again where you need to stay active despite the cold, lazy weather! Turn off Netflix, get off that couch and start living a more active lifestyle with these fun fall activities!

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, going out more often seems to be a challenge in this type of season. Fall is all about getting warm and cozy, watching television, and just getting under the sheets. It sure does makes your body lazy that you just end up choosing to stay home rather than going out and do something else. So you’re there curled up on your couch, munching on sweet fall treats paired with a cup of your favorite pumpkin spice drink. That doesn’t make you at anyway stay active at all, but I have something worth sharing with you!

Stay Active Indoors With This List!

There are two kinds of people during fall: the ones who like to be outdoors, and the ones who like to stay indoors. You and I belong to the I’ll-stay-indoors kind of people. As much as I just want you to slack the whole season, I want you to be productive too. That’s why I came up with the idea of looking for fun ways to stay sprightly. Now, there’s no more reason not to stay active indoors during this fall!


1. Yoga at Home

Did you know that yoga teachers all over the world post their practices on YouTube for free? If you didn’t know that, then you’re in luck because there’s now an easy option to stay in shape without even having to leave your home. One of our favorite YouTube Yogis is Yoga with Adriene. Located in Austin, Texas, Adrienne gives a positive outlook for any situation, whether you’re hungover or just in a bad mood. She’s happy, hilarious, and her yoga classes are great for anytime of the day.


2. Jump Rope Workout

Remember when you were a kid and loved jump rope? Well, it’s time to be a kid again and buy yourself a jump rope for your indoor workouts. Jumping rope is a perfect cardio workout for those who think it’s too cold to go out for a run after work. Also most importantly, it’s a fun workout that can be done even while watching TV or listening to music! Make sure not to have any valuables around you while you’re jumping.


3. Zumba Dance Workout

Now, this may sound silly, but dancing is the way to go when it comes to getting that blood flowing! Dancing around the house is another great option for those cardio workouts and the best part is that you can dance like no one is watching (because no one is)! Put on your favorite Spotify playlist and start moving.  If you’re looking for something a little bit more structured, then head on over to YouTube to find a free Zumba class that’s to your liking. Shaking your booty to Enrique Iglesias is the best way to stay active.


4. Cardio Workout

Another type of workout you should do to keep you active indoors is a cardio workout. Get off on your feet and give your body a favor in getting rid of extra carbs from eating fall treats. It’s a 37-minute cardio workout to lose the flab and make you fab. Going to the gym isn’t necessary at all. Now you can stay fit and strong working out even from the comfort of your home and in your PJs!


5. Learn Easy Yoga Poses

Yoga and a chair? Well, the chair just got more functional this time. Learn these 7 easy yoga poses using your chair at home with this article that I have also summed up for yoga beginners like you. Now there’s  no reason to stay seated on your chair all day long and not be productive. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your jammies, all you need to do is drag your chair somewhere in your home and be active doing postures.


6. Exercise Baller

 You might have seen the exercise ball 10 Ways To Stay Active Indoors During Fallused by your co-worker as an office chair or maybe you’ve seen them in a store and were tempted by the purchase. So, why not purchase one now and use it at home during this season. The best part about using an exercise ball is that it’s so versatile! From crunches to squats, this is the key to keeping your core and your legs in tip-top shape.

7. Sewing Projects

Aside from all that flexin’, stretchin’, jumpin’ and sweatin’, you should also try your skill on sewing! This particular article from mentions a lot of really awesome sewing projects you can choose. All of the sewing projects mentioned in it are useful to you and your household. Plus, you can still sit and watch your favorite TV show while sewing!


8. Cook Fall Recipes

I know.. I’ve included indoor workout ideas for you but come on, everybody loves food! I know how much you like to prefer ordering food over the counter or calling your fave pizza parlor to deliver one box for you but let us change that. You can’t just get used to eating all the fall treats you have, you should make them too. Be active this season by cooking different mouth-watering recipes! Get the full recipes from here from suggest you turn up the music as you cook!)


9. Make Your Own Cocktail Drinks

Another thing to stay active indoors is to create cocktail recipes you can pair along with any delicious fall treat. This summary of recipes from has got it all for you. All of them promise to give your chill weather, teeny tiny bit of warmth from sipping one of the cocktail drinks. After all the mixing and tasting, you can finally sit on your couch, grab your favorite fall treat with the cocktail drink you made. Hmm.. warm and cozy!


10. Do Some Cleaning Around Your House

Last but absolutely not the least of them all! Aside from all the activities mentioned above, cleaning is also a great way to keep you active during the season. As a person who likes to spend fall indoors, you should also take the time to revamp your house. Declutter all the mess around your house, keep your fireplace, doors, and windows clean. Besides, cleaning around your house also helps you check on things you need to fix or replace before the Christmas season.


Watch this video by Shelby and enjoy fall even more!

You should try doing one of these indoor activities to keep you active all fall. Stop being lazy with the cozy weather– shake it off and be active! Keep things balanced. Chill out on a cold fall morning but also take a time to be productive. You’ll thank yourself later for doing so. What are you waiting for? Pump it up, lady!


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