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7 Ways To Style Your Crop Top

Crop tops are super cute and super stylish. They are great for several different occasions depending on how you style them. Not quite sure how to wear your crop top? No worries, we can help you with that!


7 Ways To Strut In Your Cute Crop Top

What’s the point of maintaining your figure if you don’t  get to show it off once in a while? But this ain’t about baring too much skin. You can strut your stuff with a cool cropped top  that looks sleek and classy.

Get some style inspo below!

1. With Pants

Crop tops work seamlessly with pants in a variety of styles. From skinny jeans to oversize trousers, cullots high- waist or belted cropped pants, you really can’t go wrong with this style.


2. With  Maxi Skirts

For a more casual, laid back vibe opt for a flowy maxi skirt to balance out a skimpy crop top. Can you say comfort and style?

7 Ways To Style Your Crop Top

3. With Shorts

For warmer months, or during an exotic caribbean getaway show of those legs by pairing your crop tops with cute shorts.

4. With Trousers

Ditch the casual jeans or preppy skirts, structured trousers can be stylishly paired with your crop top.  The great thing about this outfit is that its formality allows for a more corporate setting or even a day at the office!

7 Ways To Style Your Crop Top

5. With Flared Skirts

Chances are you have a flared skirt somewhere in your wardrobe. Its an easy item to pair with your crop top. Wear with sneakers, or flats for a casual outing or opt for heels if you’re going for a  ‘Friday casual’ look.

6. With Culottes

A street – savvy way to strut in your crop top is definitely with  culottes. You can maximize your look and make it edgy, or trendy – however you like.

7 Ways To Style Your Crop Top

7. With Pencil Skirts

This would definitely be a sexy, feminine combination – a crop top and a pencil skirt. If not too revealing or casual, this could be your ensemble for the office and the look can transition to cocktails or an intimate dinner too!


Watch the video here of Roxy Limon as she styles one crop top in seven different ways. Take a look at her choices:


It’s definitely fun to mix and match! Not only will your outfit be varying from time to time, all of your wardrobe pieces will definitely be used too. Make your crop top a refreshing take today!


Find out more sexy and cute outfits when you click  here!


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