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2017 Wedding Makeup Looks | You’re So Pretty Guide

If you’re getting married this 2017, then you should not miss these wedding makeup looks. Whether you want a daytime, classic, modern, or vintage look, this list can give you amazing wedding makeup ideas!

Getting married this 2017? Expect to be busy with all the wedding planning you and your SO have to do, but, girl, don’t you ever forget about the best wedding makeup looks. Do you want something au naturel or smoky? How about a vintage appeal? Let me help you with these ideas.

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Because there’s only one superstar on your wedding day – you – you need to make sure you’re confident and glowing as you walk down the aisle. I can help you get prepared by giving you this ultimate guide to wedding makeup looks. There are 20+ wedding makeup styles to choose from, so you can surely find one that matches your wedding theme, personality, and dream look. Browse and prep for a look test soon!


1. Pearly Polished

This is my go-to look whenever I have something adorning my hair, whether it’s a small tiara or a flower crown. Since I already have a lot going on up top, I like keeping my makeup low-key by dusting on just a bit of shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eye. It makes for a more fairytale look, which is perfect for rustic weddings! All I have to do is pair it with a wine-stained lippy, and I’m good to go!

2017 Wedding Makeup Looks | You're So Pretty Guide

2. Modern Classic

A modern bridal makeup is something that brings a bit of old Hollywood glamor into your makeup. If you want to know how to do bridal makeup like this, it boils down to two things: a cat eye and a bright red lipstick that will make everyone go va-va-voom. Don’t forget to swipe on a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones to finish the look!

2017 Wedding Makeup Looks | You're So Pretty Guide

3. Eye See Pink

This is the best bridal makeup for me because it’s a cinch to create and makes everyone look absolutely radiant. The trick is to match your eyeshadow with your lips, so it’s best to stick with similar shades of light pink. By the way, be careful not to overdo the brows for this look. It’s better to keep them looking natural for this one.

2017 Wedding Makeup Looks | You're So Pretty Guide

4. Subtle Smokiness

I’ve got something that’s perfect for all my fellow smoky-lover gals. Layer on different shades of brown eyeshadow for subtle smokiness that adds an air of mystery. It’s also perfect for a bride who’s looking for wedding hair and makeup that’s a little less formal but still stunning and romantic on its own.

2017 Wedding Makeup Looks | You're So Pretty Guide

5. Back To Basics

Are you excited to do your own bridal makeup? Sometimes the secret to skin that glows is eating healthy. I’ve heard of brides making sure that they eat lots of veggies and fruits to help get ready for their special day. If a back-to-basics look is what you’re interested in, I suggest investing in a good highlighter and a dewy finish setting spray in addition to eating healthy, of course. Remember, ladies, it’s all about keeping it natural for this look. So tread lightly on the makeup and remember that sometimes less is more.

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How do you avoid becoming a bridezilla? Plan ahead, and that includes choosing your wedding makeup looks. As early as now, you should already have a good idea about your hairstyle and makeup, so you can work these out with your makeup artist. In fact, knowing what you want helps you find the right people who will make sure you get what you want – that is, being the most beautiful bride on the best day in your universe.

Do you have some pretty wedding makeup looks to recommend? Share them in the comments below! Make wedding prepping easier with this wedding planning guide

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