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DIY Stunning Henna Tattoo For Wedding

How is it going DIY brides? Looking for some special DIY wedding project? Well then, I have a brilliant idea. You might want to try a stunning henna tattoo on you wedding. For some, this may sound unusual but believe me, this would be great for your wedding or even for your bridal shower. Adorn yourself with this artistic fashion trend.

DIY Stunning Henna Tattoo For Wedding

Say Yes with this Gorgeous Henna Tattoo for more Stylish and Stand Out Bridal Look

Mehndi is an exciting traditional ritual in India as part of their wedding ceremony. But nowadays it has been beauty trends  even for non-Indian. The eastern tradition has been the new “it” craze;some brides all over the world are adopting this symbolic tradition on their own weddings. This is artistic, inexpensive and you can do this yourself. This can even come in handy by capturing creative wedding pictures and great favor on your party. So let’s try this!


What You’ll Need


Step 1 Mix the Ingredients

Mix the 2 ingredients in a container. In every 1 part of body cream, add 2 parts of cream-adhesive.


Step 2 Transfer the Mixture

Transfer the mixture into henna tubes, it has a little tip like a pen so you can use it very easy.


Step 3 Choose Inspirational Design

Search for few inspirational picture of henna tattoos that you really like to copy.


Step 4 Copy Henna Inspirational Design

Copy the inspirational design that you like. Use the picture as your reference or you may want to make your own design. This is the most exciting part so don’t be scared and let go of your creative side. Once you do the mixture, make sure you do it immediately before it dries.


Step 5 Put the Glitters and Cornstarch

And when you’re done add some glitters before it completely dries. After the glitters put some cornstarch.

Step 6 Brush Off

Just let it dry for about 15 minutes and then brush it off.



And that’s it. Isn’t it beautiful? I would love to strike a pose with this stunning tattoo.



Watch the full tutorial here from  NataliesOutlet.

White henna is an amazing alternative to the normal henna and looks perfect for the bride. This is also a fun addition to your bridal shower and your friends will surely love to have this one. Ready to say ” I do” with this artistic DIY? For sure you can do better than this. Best wishes!

For more creative wedding ideas, visit here.


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