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6 Chic Parisian-Inspired Ways To Wear A Beret

If you’re bored of the usual accessories, change it up once in a while! A beret is a great idea if you want an accessory that’s fun and easy to style, but still super chic and stylish. Paris isn’t a fashion capital of the world for nothing! The beret is a classic Parisian accessory which has truly stood the test of time. You can wear a beret with practically any outfit from trendy to retro and it’s sure to look great! So read on to see a few Parisian-inspired style tricks.

6 Chic Parisian-Inspired Ways To Wear A Beret

How To Style This Chic Essential

We all know that Paris is one of the world’s fashion capitals, and many of us dream of going there one day! When I was in Paris, I really saw firsthand how stylish everyone was! Even if someone was just in a t-shirt and jeans, there was still something incredibly chic about their looks. And when Parisian style comes to mind, I always think of classic silhouettes and timeless pieces. Trends are well and good, but you know how they say “style is eternal“? That couldn’t be more true for the people of Paris. The beret is actually a perfect example of a timeless piece that can help you achieve the effortless style and chic looks you see on fashionable women all around the world!

1. Color-Coordinated

6 Chic Parisian-Inspired Ways To Wear A Beret

Don’t be afraid to match your accessories. If you have a green scarf or dress, go for a green beret! Then just keep the rest of your outfit neutral with colors like black, white, and nude.

This is where the timeless quality of berets come in handy. You can wear them with any trend! This fall, layer a cozy sweater under a slip dress for a street style-approved look, then finish your outfit with a neutral beret. You’ll be ready to take on the streets of Paris!

3. Neutrals

Just like any piece of clothing, berets come in all sorts of colors. If you stick to neutral colored berets like black, white, or cream, you can easily wear them with more trendy and flash colors like blush pink or warm orange.

4. Dressed-Up

6 Chic Parisian-Inspired Ways To Wear A Beret

Berets aren’t just casual accessories! You can pair your beret with a crisp skirt and top, or even a dress. Just make sure to keep your look polished and sharp.

5. With Knit

Isn’t this outfit the perfect fall look? It’s so simple, too. Just brab your favorite knit sweater, a pair of cigarette pants, and a beret. I think I’ll try this outfit tomorrow, and so should you!

6. Casual Layers

Here’s another Parisian-inspired look you can definitely try, whether or not you’re in Paris. All you need are high-waisted skinny jeans, a striped top, and a layer like a coat or jacket. A bright red beret will give you a chic pop of color.
Watch this video from clothesencounters for more ways to style your beret:

Doesn’t matter if you’re going to Paris, dreaming of going to Paris, or simply in love with Parisian style—berets are the perfect additions to your wardrobe! After seeing these chic outfits, I’m going to try them all out very soon. How would you wear a beret? Leave me a comment below!

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