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6 Cute Ways to Style Your White T-Shirt

T-shirts aren’t boring and bland. In fact, they’re especially stylish when dressed up the right way. Nothing is more sexy than a white t-shirt worn confidently.

6 Ways to Glam Up Your White T-Shirt

1. Tuck it in (or do a half tuck).

6 Cute Ways to Style Your White T-Shirt

There are timeless clothing tricks you can do, and they’re easier to pull off with a tee. Tucking in your shirt shows you’re intentionally sporting this look rather than just throwing it on because you don’t have anything else to wear.

2. Make it sexy.

If you have a slightly sheer t-shirt, forego the undershirt and show off your adorable bra for a sexy little twist. This will not only add some intrigue, but show off your best assets. If you’re a bit timid to go all the way bare, flaunt a lacy or colorful undershirt that will peek through in a sexy, less out there manner.

3. Change up your pants game.

Give your pants a break. A simple, white tee can be paired with anything, even pencil skirts! Be playful with your mix and match – we love the addition of these royal blue heels to top it all off!

4. White out.

Take all your monochromatic pieces out of the closet and use them with this piece now! You can pair a white t-shirt with other white (or basic) colored clothing. This is a simple look that makes a big statement – and something you don’t see in the fashion world everyday.

5. Tie it up.

6 Cute Ways to Style Your White T-Shirt

Add a playful party-look to your tee by tying it at the bottom. Take it a step further and pair it with a demin vest or leather jacket for a more edgy feel.

6. Make a statement. 

6 Cute Ways to Style Your White T-Shirt

Accessorize! Your white shirt is a perfect canvas to try out some statement jewelry. Reach for your most bold and brilliant, eye-catching jewelry to take your outfit to the next level. 

The white t-shirt, basic as it may seem, is definitely a fashion mainstay for eternity. Have any more ideas? Leave a comment in the box below or visit our Facebook page! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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