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7 Ways to Wear Culottes: The Cool Girl Way

The cropped – pants trend had us looking its way. The culottes are super versatile, fabulous and they are what you would love to style with – it goes with almost anything!

Get inspired sporting your culottes in these ways!

The Cool Girl Ways to Wear Cullotes

1. Minimalist Street Style

Achieve this street – style status of wearing culottes by donning a monochromatic look of this piece. Pair it with footwear that matches, and strut your way into the streets, both comfortable and still stylish.

2. Chic Business

Bring style to the four corners of your office with this sexy – but – still – formal look involving your culottes. Invest in solid colors of this piece so you can mix it with well with other items in your wardrobe. Stay sophisticated without compromising your style.

3. Cropped Top + Culottes complement

7 Ways to Wear Culottes: The Cool Girl Way

The trick to pulling off this look is to make sure your pants fall just above your hips. A fitted cropped top complements the flowy pants and will establish a proportionate get up.

4. Denim Dose

Because denim is just very applicable to every style there is – including culottes! There’s no such thing as ‘too’ denim, like this stylish look of sporting denim outfits both for the upper and lower. The strappy heels sealed the deal on this look.

5. Basic Babe

7 Ways to Wear Culottes: The Cool Girl Way

Being stylish doesn’t mean always having bold items. Rather, it teaches you to invest in the basics so you can reinvent them at any time, in so many ways. Like the photo, the laid – back vibe given by the look of culottes and sneakers would promise you comfort and simplicity.

6. Perfect Match

Matching separates never disappoint and we’re not willing to let them go anytime soon.

7. Breezy Florals

Florals in your culottes immediately give a fresh, breezy vibe. This feel – good look isn’t just a look after all – you do feel good in it!


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