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17 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Denim Shirt

There are certain clothes and accessories every girl should have in her closet no matter what age, shape, or size she is. And the denim shirt is one of those universally-flattering wardrobe must-haves. It’s versatile, it’s timeless, and there are endless ways to wear a denim shirt. But beyond just having a denim shirt in your closet, you should also take advantage of its versatility! Whether you’re a teenager, a young working girl, or a mom, knowing how to style a denim shirt is an essential fashion skill. So learn a thing or two from stylish fashion bloggers who know exactly how to rock a denim shirt.

17 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Denim Shirt

Creative Ways To Style This Closet Must-Have

Trends come and go, and our style personalities change over the years. But somehow, I haven’t stopped wearing denim shirts. They’re my go-to shirts for laid-back days, weekends, and whenever I want a casual yet cool look. I think I have more than a dozen denim shirts in my wardrobe! Dark, light, embellished, cropped—you name it, I’ve probably got it. And while you don’t really need a dozen of them (unless you want them), having a denim shirt or two in your wardrobe is an absolute must. I mean it when I say the style possibilities are endless when it comes to denim shirts. Take a look at these 17 stylish looks and see for yourself how the denim shirt works for almost any outfit.

1. With A Lace Skirt

I’d totally wear this outfit for date night or Sunday brunch! I love the contrast between the casual denim shirt and the flirty, feminine skirt. To make yourself look taller and accentuate your curves, tie your denim shirt around the waist!

2. As a Shirt Dress

17 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Denim Shirt

Longer denim shirts can even double as shirt dresses! As long as it’s long enough for your standards and covers what you want covered up, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear your denim shirt as a dress. I think it’s a no-fuss yet stylish lazy Saturday outfit.

3. Oversized

Speaking of oversized denim shirts, you can also wear them with skinny jeans. For the colder seasons, layer a coat over it and rock always-appropriate ankle boots.

4. With A Bright Skirt

If your style is fun, colorful, and vibrant, you can still wear denim shirts! In fact, denim can help make your dressy or eye-catching clothes more laid-back and subdued.

5. With Ripped Jeans

17 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Denim Shirt

Here’s one way to wear denim on denim: play with different textures! Plain denim on denim is pretty boring, so try pairing your denim shirt with rugged or ripped jeans to make your look more interesting.

6. With Skinny Jeans

Or, you can go the other route and pair your denim shirts with dark skinny jeans. This looks like something a celeb would wear on the streets of LA, don’t you think? Skinny jeans will show off your curves without showing too much skin.

7. Light Wash

17 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Denim Shirt

Denim has a whole range of different washes—light, dark, indigo, and even black. If you want a more refreshing look, find a denim shirt with a light wash. Then pair with other light pieces like white pants and light shoes. I love those silver platform flats!

8. Dark Wash

On the other hand, dark wash is perfect for more formal or dressy days. If your office dress code isn’t that strict, you can even wear this to work! Denim at work would be so comfy.

9. Casual Workwear

If you’re in a creative job or have a more laid-back dress code (or none at all), you should definitely go for denim outfits! Throw a blazer over your denim shirt for a relaxed yet professional look.

10. Embroidered

What you pair with your denim shirt isn’t the only thing you can experiment with! Try looking for denim shirts with unique embroidery, embellishments, or patches. I can assure you, everyone will be asking you where you got your shirt.

11. With A Cardigan

Feeling chilly? Throw a cozy cardigan over your denim shirt. I love this look as well because of the warm leather accessories—it’s so fall-ready!

12. Over a Dress

This is a great day-to-night look I’m so excited to try myself! During the day, layer a denim shirt over your dress. Then just take it off and head over to your evening dinner or party plans.

13. Laid-Back

The way you tuck your shirt in can make all the difference. A front-only tuck is so stylish, and it gives your outfit an effortless “I woke up like this” vibe. Then just accessorize with a scarf for a pop of color!

14. Menswear-Inspired

17 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Denim Shirt

You can also go the menswear route with your denim shirt. Keep your clothes boxy and chunky—an oversized blazer and platform loafers will do just the trick.

15. With Pastel Pants

If you’re bored with blues and blacks, wear your denim shirt with pastel pants! Denim works well with almost every other color, so even fashion beginners can ace this look.

16. With Printed Shorts

Printed shorts are another way to add life and uniqueness to denim shirts. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with bright bags and chunky jewelry as well! They won’t clash with your denim shirt, I promise.

17. A Different Cut

Button-down denim shirts aren’t the only kinds of tops you can rock. Explore other cuts and shapes as well! I’m loving this China collar denim blouse, it’s feminine but still casual.
Watch this video from Ivy Nicole for more ways to style your denim shirt:

I hope you got all the style inspiration you need to rock the iconic denim shirt! I sure learned a lot from these stylish women, and I can’t wait to wear these looks. My wardrobe is ready! How would you wear a denim shirt? Leave me a comment below!

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