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Woman In White and Red Floral Outfit | Fashion-Forward Ways To Dress From Day to Night | Featured

10 Fashion-Forward Ways To Dress From Day To Night

Between work and play, sometimes we simply don’t have the time to change outfits. Learning how to dress from day to night can keep you stylish all day, even during the busiest and most stressful times.

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Most Beautiful Ways to Dress From Day to Night

All-Day Outfits for the Stylish Career Woman

I’m a busy woman just like you. After a long day at work, I catch up with friends over dinner, go to events or parties, and even indulge in fancy date nights once in a while.

But between work and evening plans, I need to find ways to dress from day to night without having to make a major outfit change. Learning how to dress for the entire day is such a valuable skill, I tell you.

It saves me so much prep time so I’m never late for meetings, appointments, and evening plans!

Here’s are my few tips before we dive into the details: Invest in basic wardrobe staples and versatile pieces that can take you from office meetings to date night with little to no effort. Because just like you, your outfits should work overtime!

Just read on for these simple yet stylish ways to dress from day to night.

1. Maxi Dresses Woman In Yellow & Pink Floral Dress | Fashion-Forward Ways To Dress From Day to Night

Evening outfits are either a lot shorter or a lot longer. It’s a good thing maxi dresses are as much a daytime staple as they are an appropriate evening look! Dress from day to night with no stress by rocking solid-colored maxi dresses in more polished and sophisticated cuts.

2. Glam It Up


We usually think that to dress from day to night means to go from casual to glam. But you can be in a rocking outfit during the day as well! Just stay away from the colorful sequins or glitter, and keep it simple and sophisticated with beads, embroidery or florals.

3. Lace

Women Wearing White Off Shoulder Dresses | Fashion-Forward Ways To Dress From Day to Night

Lace is another great transitional fabric perfect if you need to dress from day to night. Mix trends and classic silhouettes like this cropped top and high-waisted midi skirt combo.

4. Leather Jackets

Woman Wearing Black Full Zip Leather Jacket | Fashion-Forward Ways To Dress From Day to Night

A leather jacket can make any outfit cool and edgy—even cocktail dresses. For a daytime look, throw a leather jacket over your dress and heels. Then, just slip it off and you’re ready to party!

5. Separates


If your evening plans are more laid-back, separates are the way to go. Keep it formal for the office with a blazer, pants, and a white blouse. Then, just slip off your blazer for a relaxed yet polished evening outfit.

6. Layers


Nothing’s stopping you from dressing up during the day! A dress and trench coat is one of my go-to combos if I want a dressy look that transitions perfectly from day to night just like Meghan Markle. You need to try this, too!

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7. The Perfect LBD


The LBD isn’t iconic for nothing. Find the perfect little black dress for your body shape and personal style and you can wear it everywhere! To work, play, nights out, casual parties—you name it.

8. Slip Dresses


Slip dresses are a tricky trend. On one hand, it’s a bit revealing. But on the other hand, it’s such a basic and versatile piece you can style however you like!

Versatility is one of the most important things to remember if you need to dress from day to night. During the day, just cover up your slip dress with a cardigan or jacket.

9. Silk or Velvet

Woman Holding Shopping Bags | Fashion-Forward Ways To Dress From Day to Night

Velvet has been a huge fall and winter trend in the past years, so you have the perfect excuse to wear this luxe fabric during the day! Silk is also another formal evening fabric you can dress down with jeans or a cute skirt.

10. Jumpsuits

Woman Talking On The Phone | Fashion-Forward Ways To Dress From Day to Night

Jumpsuits are a lot like slip dresses. They’re basic and versatile pieces you can style up and down. Layer it under a jacket or wear it alone, you’ll look sharp and chic the whole day long.

Watch this video from Chriselle Lim for more ways to dress from day to night:

Transitioning your outfits throughout the day is so much easier now! The key is to pick pieces that are as versatile and as hard-working as you are. Whether it’s the always-appropriate LBD or quick change layers, there are so many chic ways to dress from day to night!

How do you dress from day to night? Share your tips and tricks with me in the comments section below!


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