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15 Cute 90s-Inspired Ways To Wear Denim Overalls For Women

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more fashionable women rock denim overalls. And as more and more 90s trends return to the runways and the streets, denim overalls for women aren’t about to get left behind. So what’s the big fuss, you ask? Denim overalls for women are perfect for lazy days or weekends when you’re looking for something comfy, but still want to look stylish. Like a lot of big trends, denim overalls for women are really easy to mix and match with your wardrobe favorites. And they also come in different shades, colors, and denim washes! So there’s bound to be a pair that fits your unique sense of style.

15 Cute 90s-Inspired Ways To Wear Denim Overalls For Women

Throwback Style Tips To Upgrade Your Denim Overalls

Like most of you, I was a bit hesitant when I first saw that overalls were making a comeback. They reminded me of my outfits as a kid, so I thought they were just for kids! But after seeing all the different styling possibilities, I’m starting to think that denim overalls for women make for the perfect lazy day outfit While I won’t be wearing them to work anytime soon, you’ll definitely see me rocking denim overalls for women during the weekend! So if you’re still on the fence about denim overalls for women, I’ve got outfit inspiration for you from all the most stylish fashion bloggers and street style stars. You’ll want to try all of these looks!

1. Sporty

Now here’s a throwback to our childhood days! Style your denim overalls for women with a pair of Chucks and your favorite baseball cap for a fun, sporty outfit. Jessa Kae‘s red baseball cap even matches her bright red lippie!

2. Layered

15 Cute 90s-Inspired Ways To Wear Denim Overalls For Women

Feeling cold? Throw a cardigan or a jacket over your denim overalls for women, and rock your favorite pair of ankle boots. Go for layers with buttons or open fronts so you can still show off your overalls.

3. With A Button-Down Shirt

Still worried about looking like a kid in overalls? A crisp white button down shirt is another more grown-up piece you can wear with denim overalls for women. Keep a few buttons undone and roll up your sleeves for a street style-approved look.

4. Black Denim

Denim is such a versatile fabric, so play around with different colors and shades! If you want to go for a 90s punk or goth look, black denim is your best bet. They’ll look great with black combat boots.

5. White Denim

On the other hand, you can also try white denim overalls for women! Crisp white will give you a refreshing, youthful look. For a feminine look, you can pair it with other on-trend pastels like blush pink and nude.

6. With A White Tee

15 Cute 90s-Inspired Ways To Wear Denim Overalls For Women

This is a classic look I’m sure we’ve all worn, whether as kids or grown-ups. Throw a white t-shirt under your denim overalls for women and you have an easy and super comfy outfit! If it’s chilly, go for long sleeved shirts.

7. With Heels

Denim overalls for women may be a laid-back piece, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up! A pair of heels are the perfect way to turn your denim overalls from juvenile to fashion-forward.

8. With A Printed Top

The overalls themselves aren’t the only pieces you can experiment with. Instead of a plain tee, look for unique patterns and prints that you can wear under denim overalls for women!

9. With An Off The Shoulder Top

15 Cute 90s-Inspired Ways To Wear Denim Overalls For Women

You can also try to mix and match denim overalls for women with other 90s trends. An off the shoulder top will give your look a girly touch. I’d wear this to a brunch date or a road trip day!

10. With Bell Sleeves

Here’s yet another look that proves overalls aren’t just for kids! The great thing about wearing denim overalls in 2016 is that we have the wisdom, and the fashion trends, of the past. Pair denim overalls for women with something like 70s-inspired bell sleeves for a look that’s undeniably fashionable.

11. Monochrome

If you haven’t mastered the whole mixing and matching thing just yet, stick to simple color palettes. Monochrome is a good place to start developing your eye for fashion. Doesn’t this outfit look so chic?

12. With Cable Knit

Yes, you can wear denim overalls for women this fall! Wear cable knit and other cozy sweaters under your overalls for a 90s-inspired outfit that’s oozing with style and comfort.

13. Indigo Denim

If you’re style is more chic and polished, wear denim overalls for women that have darker washes. I love indigo denim because it’s a darker and more flattering wash, but it’s still got that distinct shade of blue that I love about denim.

14. With Stripes

A striped shirt with denim overalls for women is another no-fail pairing that you can try out right now! Style it with flats or sandals and a cute satchel for a comfy weekend look.

15. As A Dress

15 Cute 90s-Inspired Ways To Wear Denim Overalls For Women

You’re not limited to pants and shorts either! If you’re the type who wants to stand out from the crowd, dress overalls are a unique way to rock this trend. They’re also perfect for days when you’re feeling both sporty and girly.
Watch this video from From Head To Toe to see more ways to style denim overalls for women:

After seeing all this style inspiration, I’m sure you’re convinced that overalls aren’t just for kids anymore. And they’re not just for sporty or boyish types either! You can pair denim overalls for women with some of the most feminine tops, ruffles and all.

Not a fan of denim overalls for women? How about a palazzo denim pants for a fashion rewind this fall? Check out Mason and Ivy’s Paige Denim Palazzo, and wear it like Katharine Hepburn.

Want more 90s style inspiration? Check this out!

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