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90s Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback This 2016

Fashion is basically just one big cycle—trends come, then go, and a few decades later, they come back again. 90s fashion trends are no different, and they’re back with a bang this year. Whether it’s chokers, shoes, and other accessories, and iconic fabrics like denim and leather, everyone’s looking for new ways to wear all their favorite 90s fashion trends. Don’t know where to start? I’ve got a quick rundown of the top 90s fashion trends that we’ll be seeing more of this year. You probably have some of these in your wardrobe already!

90s Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback This 2016

I’m a 90s kid myself. And like a lot of you, I feel really nostalgic whenever I come across things from my childhood. The 90s were such an amazing decade, especially if you were a kid or a teenager! Can you believe it’s been almost 2 decades since the 90s? I sure can’t. And it seems like a lot of us are nostalgic too, because 90s fashion trends made a huge comeback this year. They didn’t all return at the same time and 70s style is still a big trend as well, but over the course of 2016 we’ve seen the return of huge 90s beauty trends like lipgloss and of course, 90s fashion trends like chokers and platform shoes. Some 90s fashion trends never really went out of style either: cropped tops, flannel, and denim have all been wardrobe must-haves for years now.

So read on for 90s fashion trends that you can incorporate into your daily outfits for a nostalgic throwback.

1. Chokers

90s Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback This 2016

This is probably one of the biggest 90s fashion trends to come back with a bang this year. Style stars like Kendall, Kylie, and Gigi have all been spotted rocking chokers. You can wear these with any laid-back outfit, so it’s definitely on the list of 90s fashion trends you should try.

2. Mini Skirt Suits

Cher from Clueless was the style icon of every 90s girl, me included. I dreamt of having a wardrobe like hers! The mini skirt suit is back on-trend, and it’s so easy to put together. Just pair your blazer and white shirt with your favorite mini skirt!

3. Flannel

Flannel never really went out of style, as it’s a staple for preppy style and it’s a fall basic. Upgrade 90s fashion trends like this by mixing and matching it with other pieces like this button down skirt.

4. Denim

90s Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback This 2016

Here’s another one of those 90s fashion trends you should upgrade for 2016. Ditch your super skinny jeans for comfier fits and lighter washes that channel 90s style.

5. Round Sunglasses

This is such a cool outfit, don’t you think? The round sunglasses really add edginess to an already stylish outfit. You can also wear round sunglasses with more girly outfits like floral dresses or skirts!

6. Bandanas

I remember everyone having one of those printed bandanas and using them as headbands. For 2016 though, take inspiration from Kendall by wearing your 90s bandana as a scarf!

7. Overalls

Overalls aren’t just for kids anymore. Layer your overalls over a more formal or girly top or dress for a cute casual date night outfit.

8. Off The Shoulder Tops

90s Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback This 2016

Off the shoulder tops are one of those 90s fashion trends that I’ve really embraced this year. I can’t get over how comfy yet stylish they are! To update this piece for 2016, get an off the shoulder top in a more trendy color, like blush pink.

9. Cropped Tops

Super tight cropped tops and high-waisted jeans were one of those super wearable 90s fashion trends, and they came back in style a few years ago. This 2016, pick cropped tops that are a bit looser, in crisper fabrics. I love this beige cropped top and white pants combo, I’ll definitely be trying this look!

10. Slip Dresses

Back then, all the cool girls were wearing 90s fashion trends like the slip dress. If you missed out on the trend back in the 90s or you want to relive it, layer a slip dress over a pain white tee for a cute weekend outfit!

Watch this video from New Look for more 90s fashion trends:

With these 90s fashion trends, you’ll nail your outfits for #ThrowbackThursday, and every other day. You already have the basics like denim, flannel, and cropped tops, so it’s just a matter of adding a few key accessories like chokers, sunglasses, or bandanas! Which 90s fashion trends did you like best? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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