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11 Cute Outfits To Wear With Your No Makeup Look

You can still be fashionable while rocking the no makeup look. Here are some cute outfit ideas that’ll go great with a bare face.

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11 Cute Outfits to Wear With Your No Makeup Look

Match Your Outfit With Your Makeup

There are just those days when we feel like going au naturale, am I right? After all, there’s nothing quite like natural beauty.

But if there’s one rule of thumb we should always follow when putting together your OOTDs, it’s to always match our makeup to our outfits! You don’t want to wear clashing styles or mismatched trends, that’s a fashion faux pas!

So yes, there are certain outfits that look best with a no makeup look. We usually associate a no makeup look with a laid-back style.

I personally wear no makeup looks on weekends when I don’t have to dress up. I also love daytime looks that keep me fresh all day and workwear that has to look polished and natural.

So when pairing your no makeup look with the right outfits, consider where you’re going and what you’ll be doing throughout the day. Knowing that will help you decide on the perfect outfit.

Read up for some of my go-to outfits whenever I feel like going for a no makeup look.

1. Denim Dresses


Denim is a comfy and casual material I love wearing on weekends, and it also pairs well with a no makeup look! Wear a denim dress to brunch with friends, weekend errands, or even lunch dates.

You can pair your denim dress with your favorite white kicks or sandals. Carry a bag in a contrasting shade like brown or black to add another dimension to your look.

Tip: Sunglasses are a great accessory for most no makeup looks, including this one. So don’t forget to throw on a pair of sunnies!

2. Leather Jackets


Want something to spice up your plain jeans, t-shirt, and no makeup look? Throw on a leather jacket and go from basic to bombshell.

When you do, it instantly gives your look a stylish edge. You can balance this out by wearing pumps or adding accessories like a purse or earrings.

Tip: It’s important to have great skin for the no makeup look, so don’t skimp on your skincare routine! If you aren’t too confident about going totally bare, you can also cheat a little with some tinted moisturizer.

3. Upgraded Jeans and a T-Shirt


Speaking of jeans and a tee, there are so many fashion-forward ways you can wear this classic look! Instead of denim jeans and a white shirt, try solid colored pants and a dark tee or accessorize with a hat.

Paired with subtle makeup, it’s the ultimate laid-back look. When you rock a classic outfit like this one, you can actually experiment with other aspects of your look like your hair.

Tip: You may want to try styling your hair differently to make your look more special. You can try blowing it out or a new updo to make things more interesting.

4. Geek Chic


Geek chic is another casual trend that made a comeback this year, and it looks best when paired with a no makeup look—glasses can hide a multitude of flaws! If you aren’t sure about what geek chic is all about, just think of Annie Hall’s iconic outfits.

Geek chic is all about layering and finding the perfect combination of masculinity and cuteness! If all else fails, you can’t go wrong when you slide on a pair of sandals, throw on a loose top, and finish off with a pair of geeky oversized glasses to make your street style game on point.

Tip: Try on different frames and make sure they complement the shape of your face.

5. Athleisure


Are there really cute ways to wear sweatpants? There sure are!

Athleisure is one of this year’s biggest trends, thanks to the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, and Kylie Jenner.

What is athleisure? It’s a style of clothing that can be used for athletic activities but are also fashionable enough for other settings. Women can wear their trendy athletic gear while they’re on errands, at work, school, or even during casual social gatherings.

When it comes to taking your athletic wear out of the gym, you need to make sure the fit is just right. While some looks work with a loose top, baggy bottoms usually give off a dumpy look that you want to stay away from.

The best part about athleisure? It’s supposed to be comfy. So rock those tracksuits and sneakers with your no makeup look and channel your inner Gigi!

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6. Off-Duty Model


Even when they’re off the runway, models are one of my biggest fashion inspirations. When models are off duty, comfort seems to be a priority, but never at the expense of fashion!

They just dress effortlessly chic! Black skinny jeans, a cozy black sweater, and white sneakers are a no-fail combo.

You can also put your hair up in a high bun or a sleek ponytail. Our favorite model inspos usually have their hair away from their faces when they’re out and about.

Doesn’t this off-duty model look amazing with a no makeup look? They’re Instagram-worthy even when they aren’t on the runway!

Tip: If you’re dealing with blemishes but want to achieve a model’s natural glow, use a radiant creamy concealer. Just make sure to blend it well with a sponge or brush to even out your skin tone.

7. Shift Dresses


If I had to wear one style of clothing for the rest of my life, it would be shift dresses. They’re so comfy.

Shift dresses are very versatile. I can dress them up with heels and cute accessories, or dress down with sneakers and a no makeup look.

They’re also fun to layer with! You can throw on a denim or leather jacket to add another dimension to the look.

If you have a sleeveless shift dress, you can wear shirts underneath to give it a more modern look. Plus, they’ll look great on women of all shapes and sizes!

8. Workwear Chic


A no makeup look isn’t just for laid-back weekends, it’s also for workdays! That’s the magic of natural beauty, you can pretty much wear it with anything.

With a no makeup look, you have to pay more attention to your outfit. Keep your workwear pieces flowy but chic.

A feminine silk blouse and cigarette pants are perfect. You can also add a few accessories like necklaces or earrings to look more made up.

Tip: Most women don’t wear makeup to work to look trendy, but they put it on to look presentable. You can still achieve a no makeup look at work by using “invisible” makeup products like BB cream, clear brow gel, translucent powder, and lip balm.

9. Little White Dresses


LBDs work best with a swipe of red lipstick, while little white dresses are the perfect match for a natural no makeup look. Think Gwyneth Paltrow and all the times she rocked a white dress without overdoing her makeup.

Just like Gwyneth, a white dress can help accentuate your natural beauty. Besides, who doesn’t love a classic monochromatic outfit?

You can wear this cute summer outfit on casual dates or fun day trips.

10. Culottes


If a piece of clothing could capture the simple yet chic quality of a no makeup look, it would be culottes. Wear these loose yet flattering pants with a plain tee for a casual outfit.

You can also wear them to work with a cute blouse or mix them with other trends like off-shoulder tops. They’re just so versatile!

11. Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend jeans are definitely one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans out there. You can pair them with a form-fitting top or a graphic tee.

Either way, the laidback vibe totally goes with a no makeup look. And bonus: they’re totally on-trend right now.

Watch this video from POPSUGAR Fashion for more laid-back outfits:

When you’re looking for outfits to pair with a no makeup look, make sure to keep it casual but stylish. Mix basics like jeans and a t-shirt with a few trendy pieces like jackets, handbags, or sneakers.

Don’t sweat it, you’ll look amazing! You’ll even want to post your no makeup photo on Instagram!

What outfits do you wear when you rock the no makeup look? Let us know about it in the comments section below.


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