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10 Summer Makeup  Trends You Can Rock With Your Cute Outfits

Time flies so fast, and Fall is just around the corner. But here at Cute Outfits, I’m not saying goodbye to summer yet. I still have more to share with you. I can’t just let the summer fade away without sharing all the cute fun stuff. One of the many things I want to feature are the summer makeup trends you can rock with your cute outfits.

I think the last days of summer are the best part of the season because everyone is preparing for the summer ending party. And we, cuties, know these summer special events mean preparing cute party clothes and having the right makeup for the getup. Worry no more because I got it covered for you. Read on and learn the right makeup for the right summer outfits.

10 Summer Makeup  Trends You Can Rock With Your Cute Outfits

Women, especially us Cuties, think of our clothes, makeup, and accessories like they’re a trinity. You can’t begin to plan your dress without thinking of what makeup to wear and which accessories would go with the outfit . Thus, we begin to hunt for the latest beauty trends every season.

For the latest summer makeup trends this 2016, here are the top 10 looks you can strut in any special event that you’ll be attending before this hot season goes by. Whether you will attend a festival, go night clubbing, simply having a weekend cookout, or go on a cruise, these latest makeup ideas that go with your outfits are perfect to end your summer with a bang!

1. Crisp White and Bronze Eyes

Pair your bronze eye makeup look  with a crisp, white, flowing slit dress and statement shoes. Sizzle up the streets in this edgy yet classy look.

2. Neutral Earth and Bold Lip

10 Summer Makeup  Trends You Can Rock With Your Cute Outfits

Neutral colors complement the hot summer season so well, but your makeup does not have to be drab. Add the fab in this ensemble with red lipstick and neutral eye color to keep it light and with the right pop of color.

3. Orange and Pink Nudes

Keep your nude pink lips playful by pairing it with a matchy pair of an orange blouse and cropped pants.

4. Luxe Prints and Frosty Eyes

Are you bold enough to pair rich prints on rich prints? Let the wardrobe speak for itself and keep your lips nude but your eyes frosty.

5. Clean Look and Cool Stripes

The summer heat can melt your makeup, but this clean satin base makeup, you’ll look fresh all day. Partner it with a breezy striped dress and you’re off to go.

6. Festive in Rose Gold Eyes

10 Summer Makeup  Trends You Can Rock With Your Cute Outfits

Festive eyes in rose gold tones and nude lips accentuate the vibe and beauty of boho chic wear.

7. Playful and Winged Out

Playful makeup meets playfully casual look with this simple tee and colorful shorts get up.

8. Metallic Lip with Casual Cool

Get your metallic matte lippies and put it on your pout to rev up the amp in this simple yet classic summer look, plain tank top paired with high-waist wide pants.

Counting on the last days of #Summer and we found this! Amazing style from @savvysoles 💕

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9. Street Style meets Graphic Eye

Pair your cropped jeans with flat leather slip-ons and a graphic liner and you’re ready to go.

10. Flounce Sleeves and Grunge

10 Summer Makeup  Trends You Can Rock With Your Cute Outfits

Drama on the sleeves calls for drama on your eyes. Get your grunge eye look and keep it simple everywhere else to make this look an edgy, summery affair.

Check out this video from famous Youtube vlogger Kalyn Nicholson as she gets ready for a cute summer makeup and outfit:

We might be in the last few days of summer, yet here at Cute Outfits, I save the best for last. So, stick around because I still have more exciting things to feature here on my site. You won’t just be getting these summer makeup trends but you will also have other surprises. Think about cute accessories, cute nail polishes, cute scarves, and a whole lot more. All these so you can stay cute.

Now, which among these summer makeup trends do you wish to try before this hot season says goodbye to us? Share your thoughts on Facebook, I’ll wait for you. <3

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