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Holiday Party Season Is Here… But What Will You Wear?

The ultimate question when holiday party fashion season arrives is always: what do I wear? It all depends on the kinds of parties you’ll be attending, what your personal style is like, and what you feel most confident in. But whatever your signature style is, don’t forget to add a touch of Christmas cheer in all your outfits! Read on for holiday party fashion tips you need to get through one of the most stylish seasons of the year.

Holiday Party Fashion Tips To Help You Survive The Season In Style

This post was originally by You’re So Pretty and shared with permission

The search for holiday party fashion ideas continues, at least for me! If you haven’t even started on your party looks, it’s about time you do. There are so many options but so little time to wear them all, so you’ve really got to choose wisely. Personally, I start with the basics: no-fail holiday pieces I can wear year in and year out, then just accessorize or pair with other more trendy pieces! It’s also an ideal starting point for you if you’re lost in this maze of holiday party fashion. From festive dresses to cute heels, here are all the essentials you need this season:

1. Maxi Skirts

I’ve always loved how maxi skirts can make anyone look elegant in a snap. The right fabric and color can do even more wonders. This holiday season, opt for a color you feel your most confident in. Don’t forget to pick one with a slit to show off your long legs.

2. Glitter Heels

Holiday Party Season Is Here... But What Will You Wear?

I can never think of holiday party fashion without the use of glitter. This year, instead of opting for incredibly shimmery dresses or tops, use glitter as an accent to your outfit. These blocked heels from Revolve are a perfect example. It’s sophisticated with a sparkle!

3. Dangling Earrings

Special occasions call for dangling earrings. They instantly make an entire outfit pop. It doesn’t hurt that they make me feel confident too. I usually opt for metals but you can definitely experiment with beaded earrings, fringe, and even bedazzled ones. It all adds to the festive feel we love from holiday party fashion.

4. Glimmer Eyeshadow

Holiday Party Season Is Here... But What Will You Wear?

I don’t usually pile on eyeshadow on a normal day, but when parties roll around, I love filling my eyelids with colors from my Naked palettes. Whether you choose to go smoky or keep things light with nude tones, the extra effort into making your lids pretty will do wonders. Top off your eyes with eyeliner and your favorite mascara and you’re good to go!

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I hope these holiday party fashion essentials help you put together the most festive outfits ever! I got a lot of tips and ideas for my own party outfits, that’s for sure. Do you have any holiday party fashion tips? Share them with me in the comments section below!

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