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Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Actually Cute

Ugly sweaters are a staple during the holiday season—chances are, you’ll probably attend at least one ugly sweater party! As much as we cringe wearing a frumpy old sweater, we all can appreciate the holiday spirit that goes along with the look. So it’s no surprise how some fashionistas and style experts have turned this “ugly” piece into chic, wearable looks! If you have an ugly sweater party to attend or if you’re just in the mood for them, check out these chic ways to rock ugly holiday sweaters.

Ugly Holiday Sweaters You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Give Your Ugly Holiday Sweaters A Chic Upgrade This Season

Honestly, I don’t like the term “ugly holiday sweaters.” I think any piece of clothing can look chic if you style it right and have the confidence to carry your outfit! And that’s the key to wearing ugly holiday sweaters this season: pay attention to styling. To prove my point, I scoured the web for inspiration from stylish and fashion-forward bloggers. And I found so many great looks with all sorts of ugly holiday sweaters. From classic sweaters that look like your grandma could’ve worn them to cute and colorful pieces you’ll have so much fun wearing, check out these ugly holiday sweaters us fashionistas can rock this season.

1. Statement Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Statement clothes always toe the line between edgy and tacky, but this holiday season I’m all for them! Get creative and witty with the statement sweaters you choose, you’ll have everyone’s attention at a party for sure.

You have to see this ELF statement ugly holiday sweater because it’s the cutest!

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2. Old-Fashioned Ugly Holiday Sweaters

You can also go the classic route this season. The trick? Pair an old-fashioned sweater with a more trendy piece like these metallic pants. I think a circle skirt would look great with this too!

3. Argyle Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Actually Cute

Feeling preppy? An argyle sweater is the way to go. Keep your accessories subtle and chic, and try layering it over a white button-down for a schoolgirl chic look.

4. Snowflake Ugly Holiday Sweaters

If all else fails, layer! A chic statement coat can balance out the tackiness of an ugly sweater. Or on the flip side, a printed sweater like this can add a unique and personal touch to your plain coats!

You can try bigger prints as well!

5. Reindeer Ugly Holiday Sweaters

If you’re going to wear a reindeer sweater this Christmas, you might as well go all the way! Accessorize with antlers, or layer plaid shirts under for a preppy, All-American outfit.

A black reindeer ugly holiday sweater looks nice too. You definitely have to get this because it lights up!

6. Striped Ugly Holiday Sweaters

If you want to minimize the ugliness of your holiday sweater, look for more basic patterns like stripes, dots, or plaid. Then just keep it simple with a pair of jeans and your hair down!

7. Colorful Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Actually Cute

What’s Christmas without some color? Experiment with pastels, neon, bright shades, or even all at once! Accessorize with statement necklaces, or layer it over denim for a laid-back yet holiday-appropriate outfit.

This one is not just colorful the cat print is oh so adorable too!

Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Actually Cute
Watch this video to see how to make your own sweaters!

See, holiday sweaters don’t have to be ugly! With a bit of fashion know-how, a few trendy pieces, and a lot of creativity, you’ll be the best-dressed at all your holiday sweater parties. Which were your favorites? Leave me a comment below!

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