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Winter Coat Guide | 9 Ideas To Finding The Right One For You

Are you wearing the right winter coat? It’s about time you invest in one, especially since the cold months are in full swing!

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Winter Coat

Strike Perfect Balance Between Chic and Cozy

Winter fashion isn’t just about getting the essentials, it’s also about getting your money’s worth when you make a purchase. What do you need?

A coat that looks good on you, feels comfortable and keeps you warm.

My favorite part of dressing for winter and the holidays is being able to (finally) layer my looks! But with this opportunity comes the need to find the perfect winter coat.

Outerwear is the first thing people will see in your look, so if there’s one thing you should pay extra attention to, it’s your winter coat. A winter coat can be really bulky, but that’s because coat makers want to make sure you’re all snuggled up inside the coat when the chilly weather comes.

As we all know, thick coats are not the most flattering for everyone’s body type. Sometimes they add more weight to your look.

So, how can you make sure you have the right winter coat? Read on to get the best ideas!

1. For Pear-Shaped Figures


If you have a pear-shaped body, the last thing you want is to look heavy around the hip area. So if you’re getting a winter coat, the best one would be something that takes attention away from the hips and brings the focus on the waist up.

Finding a good print will also help bring balance to the body. The best options for your body? Double-breasted styles, waist-clinching styles, big print for symmetry, and A-line shapes.

2. For Busty Women


Believe me, I understand how tough it is to try and squeeze your way into closing a coat. And that’s not all, it can also be a challenge finding the coat that doesn’t appear too heavy on the upper part of your torso.

The solution? Find solid color coats, single-breasted coats, slim fit coats, hip-length coats, and even trench coats!

3. For Petite Girls


Tall women look great in winter coats because their length can handle the length. But for shorter and petite women, you don’t want to be gobbled up by the coat.

So how do you find the right winter coat? Go for attention-grabbing colors, pea coats, textures, sharply-tailed, and nipped-waist coats.

4. For Curvy Figures


Plus size and curvy women tend to simply hide their figure underneath a coat. Ladies, that’s not how it should work this winter. Flaunt your curves and make the coat’s details work by bringing out the sexy shape of your body.

Go for dark colors, A-line shapes, pockets, belts, or collars, and simple coats. Let your curves stand out!

5. Quality Over Quantity

Coats Hanged On Clothes Rack | Winter Coat Guide | 9 Ideas To Finding The Right One For You

Ladies, it really doesn’t matter if you only have two coats you use throughout fall and winter. As long as they’re made of quality materials that can last you a lifetime, stay with your most reliable and dependable coats.

When shopping, make sure to check out the fabrics used to make the coat.

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6. Patience Is Key

Two Women Near Christmas Decorations | Winter Coat Guide | 9 Ideas To Finding The Right One For You

Finding a winter coat isn’t a daunting task, especially this season. However, finding the right coat is. Be patient in finding the coat that matches your body.

Remember, your coat will be a go-to clothing piece once the chilly weather settles in.

7. Have Added Space

Woman In Grey Coat Holds Cap | Winter Coat Guide | 9 Ideas To Finding The Right One For You

Fall and Winter fashion are about layering, which is why you need to get a winter coat with space for layered clothes underneath it. The last thing you’d want is not being able to close your winter coat on top of layers of clothing in the dead of winter. Plus, no one wants to look like a sausage squeezed into a sandwich, right?

8. Get Those Pockets


Buying a winter coat with pockets is a must. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t get a winter coat without pockets, enough said.

9. Comfort Over Trend


You’re going to seriously wear your coat in the next months and you’ll probably wear them every single day too. Although you are a trendy and hip lady, prioritize comfort above all else.

You really don’t want to spend on a coat that looks good on you but doesn’t feel good when you wear it. Exercise patience and you’ll find the perfect coat!

Planning a winter coat haul? Check out some ideas from Mirror & Thread in this video:

It’s getting colder by the day so don’t waste any time. Shop for your coats, ladies! It may not be the easiest task in the world, but once you see the right one, it’s like winter magic all over again!

Show us your favorite winter coat and the outfit you wear with it. Share your photos in the comment section provided below.


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