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Cute Casual Outfits for The Colder Weather

The colder weather is here and are your jackets ready? Some people will think it’s hard to wear cute casual outfits during winter but I think, this is the season where you can flaunt and look more gorgeous because of the layers you will wear.

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Cute Casual Outfits you Can Wear for Winter

Cute Casual Outfits

I love layers in clothes that is why the colder season is one of my favorites among all the seasons. There are so many combinations and cute casual outfits I can think of when I think about what to wear for the winter but I have to list the best and what I think will suit you best in the list below.

1. Plaid Jacket and Sneakers

person standing on road | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

A long plaid jacket is a great match with cute white sneakers like the Adidas Stan Smith. Match it with a monochromatic top and pants and you will be ready for the runway, I mean, the street.

2. Suede and Dark Washed Denim

street fashion concept vintage portrait young | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

Suede is ALWAYS nice and warm for the winter and wearing a Suede jacket matched with a dark washed denim will make a perfectly cute casual outfit.

3. Leather Leggings and a Fur Coat

brunette woman sitting on barrel sexy | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

This look is for the ones looking to push the boundaries of the term “casual” a bit. Wearing leather leggings for a warmer feel and matching it with a fur coat will definitely make you warm and ready for the cold season.

4. Puffer Jacket and Leggings


Another twist for number 3’s look, match a black puffer jacket with black leggings and black loafers for a cozy and warm casual look for the cold days.

5. Flared Jeans and Boots

woman wearing plaid shirt | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

Simple yet so fabulous. Wearing flared jeans and matching them with boots will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Add a tailored jacket for an overall eye-catching outfit.

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6. Black and Tan


Nothing screams like winter like a black and tan combination. It really looks for the cold, for me, and it also looks absolutely stunning and comfy! Match your black turtleneck with a tan scarf. You will look fabulous, for sure.

7. Open Front Knit Sweater

woman wearing brown cardigan leaning on wooden wall | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

For the “warmer” days during winter, a long-sleeved open front knit sweater will look great. It is easy to match with almost any shirt but I would recommend pairing it with a nice but thick shirt, distressed jeans, and black boots. It will be a comfortable and relaxed outfit for the not so cold days during the winter.

8. White Boots

vintage style picture winter boots | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

For some cute casual outfits for the winter, white boots on almost anything will definitely be a hit. But for an exact outfit suggestion, wear your white ankle-high boots with black trousers and a long white winter coat.

9. Pastel Coat and Jeans

outdoor portrait young beautiful fashionable happy | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

For a simple yet very cute and eye-catching look, wear a pastel coat over ankle jeans to highlight your ankle boots. It may look simple but its overall look will give a sophisticated feel. Match your overall look with a black clutch to complete this outfit.

10. Plaid Coat and Jeans

attractive woman short hair looks back | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

A twist for the number 9 look, switch a pastel coat with a plaid coat for a cozy and grunge look. In addition to that, you can wear a black printed shirt or a band shirt inside for a cute casual outfit you can wear for your everyday look.

11. Rainbow Sweater

image pretty young positive redhead woman | Cute Casual Outfits For The Colder Weather

Wearing a sweater during the cold days is a staple for winter. But, to make a bold statement and still look cute, wearing a rainbow sweater can be gorgeous as well. A cute way to do this is to wear a sweater with playful stripes on top of any shirt. Match it with a cute red skirt. Wear high black socks and pair them with some black Chuck Taylors.

12. Colorful Faux Fur Jacket


Again, for a colorful look, try a colorful faux fur jacket on top of a silver accordion skirt. You can match your look with colorful ankle-high boots as well.

Watch this video from Raimi Reyes for more ideas for cute casual outfits:

Winter is my favorite season and the cold weather usually calms me. When thinking of cute casual outfits, I could think of so many things to wear for the colder season. It is one of the seasons when I get to open my closet and try to mix and match different clothes that make a great outfit. You should try it too.

Show us your favorite and cute casual outfits for winter in the comment section below!


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