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8 Simple Ways To Care For Your Winter Clothes

Winter clothes are investments we should all make so your winter clothes need love and care more than ever. But how exactly do you do that?

Winter Clothes Care Basics You Need In Your Life

Your winter clothes are the thickest and bulkiest in your wardrobe, and it can really be a daunting task to keep them in perfect condition for years. And even if you plan on refreshing your wardrobe every year, winter clothes still have to brave the harsh cold winds and rough snow. But don’t fret girls, here are tried and tested tricks to give your clothes and accessories more protection.

1. Boots

8 Simple Ways To Care For Your Winter Clothes

Boots are winter clothes with some of the worse wear and tear, which is why you have to give them even more, TLC.

  • Your boots’ worst enemies are salt stains and water damage. What you can do is spray a protective sealant on your boots and let it dry before wearing them. It will help keep make your boots more durable and protected from dirt.
  • Already got salt stains? Spot treatments are your best bets. If you have suede boots, use a soft pink eraser. For leather boots, use a mixture of water and vinegar in equal parts to wipe the stain.
  • If you want your leather boots to stay shiny, use alcohol-free wipes. But test the reaction first!
  • If your boots are soaked, let them air dry. You can also stuff newspaper balls inside your boots to absorb moisture.
  • If you have tall boots, avoid leg creases by using rolled up magazines.

2. Tights & Stockings

We’ve all been there: we hate the holes and the runs. Here are some tricks to keep your tights in good condition for the long haul:

  • Already got a run? Use hairspray or clear nail polish to keep the fibers together.
  • It is best to hand wash and air dry your tights. If you don’t have time for it, put them in a mesh washing bag when you throw your tights in the washer. Make sure they don’t get mixed with clothes with sharp hooks. Once the washing cycle is done, air dry it. Using the dryer can destroy the fibers.
  • Plastic storage is best for tights because wooden drawers can cause runs.
  • How to prevent holes on your tights? Make sure to always trim your toenails to avoid those nasty snags. Also, wear thin socks before wearing your tights. It helps eases the friction between your foot and the shoes since tights are pretty thin.

3. Sweaters

8 Simple Ways To Care For Your Winter Clothes

Our winter clothes and outfits are never complete without sweaters. I get my sweaters from Mason & Ivy! Here’s how to care for them properly:

  • Hand wash your sweaters. Nothing works best than your hands, girl. For drying, just air dry them flat on a surface.
  • Is your sweater stained? Do not leave it soaked under water as the colors can bleed and fade easily. Instead, wash it for 5-10 minutes tops.
  • What about those piling and snags? Use a sweater comb for delicate sweaters, while you can use a fabric shaver or Velcro hair roller to remove the piling.
  • For storage, fold them and do not hang them. The hangers can make them stretchy!

4. Coats

Coats are one of the priciest things you can buy this winter. So, learn every trick in the book to keep your coats in perfect shape!

  • For stains, blot the stain right away away with cold water and an absorbent cloth. Remember: blot, don’t rub!
  • To remove hair, dirt, and debris on your wool coat, use a natural bristled coat brush. Stay away from lint rollers please.
  • Is the zipper stuck? Petroleum jelly and olive oil should help.
  • Washing a coat can be a bit tricky. It is advised to only wash your coat twice a year. When you do put it in the washer, add two tennis balls in the mix to prevent clumping.
  • Instead of washing, coats are better off being dry cleaned. We know that dry cleaning services can be pricey so I’m advising you to buy a dry cleaner for your home. It might not be that cheap but at least you get to use that anytime and with anything too (gowns, linens, etc.)
  • Use sturdy hangers for hanging heavy coats. Don’t try to fit them into small plastic hangers.

5. Accessories

Finally, something that won’t be hard on you! For your go-to winter fashion accessories like gloves, scarves and hats, make sure to wash them every week. Feel free to wash them more frequently depending on how often you use them. What we want is to keep them clean all the time—no more, no less.

6. Velvet

8 Simple Ways To Care For Your Winter Clothes

Velvet has been a huge trend this year, but it can be a pain to care for. Here’s how to keep your velvet timeless and well-maintained, even after the trend is over:

  • Ideally, velvet needs to be dry cleaned. But certain types of velvet (like crushed velvet) can be machine washed. Always read the labels, they’re there for a reason!
  • Never, ever iron your velvet! Use a steamer instead, or hang it in a steam-filled bathroom to get rid of the creases.
  • Don’t fold velvet items. Lay them flat or place them in a large clothing box.

7. Down Jackets and Vests

Down jackets are perfect for ski trips or snowy days, but they’re winter clothes exposed to the most wear and tear.

  • If your down jackets and vests are extra filthy, run it in the washing machine for a half cycle and then soak it for the remainder of the time.
  • Set your dryer to low heat so you don’t damage your down-filled coats and vests.
  • Use just enough detergent to clean your winter clothes—excess soap can decrease the fluffiness!

8. Cashmere

Every woman needs to invest in quality cashmere pieces. They’re timeless and durable pieces you’ll wear year in and year out, no matter how often trends change!

  • Keep machine washing down to a minimum. Once a month or even a few times throughout the season is enough.
  • Use a salad spinner to remove excess water in no time!
  • Hand washing cashmere winter clothes can make the material even softer over time.
  • Stick to baby shampoo or mild detergents when you wash cashmere.

Watch this video for more winter clothes tips:

I know there’s a long list here to remember, but once you master these neat tips and tricks, your winter clothes and accessories will be protected and will stay in great shape. Just follow these tips and you’ll be happy to meet your winter clothes again next year, and the next, and beyond!

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