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11 Cute Knitwear Outfits You’ll Need For Sweater Weather

From its very name, sweater weather is the perfect excuse to bust out all your knitwear. But such a common piece can be tricky to style. After all, we all want our outfits to be stylish yet unique. So what’s the key to nailing your sweater weather outfits? Don’t be afraid to experiment! You may have a favorite sweater you’ve been wearing for years, or a go-to outfit combo that always makes you look amazing. But aside from your classic combos, you should also try some new looks or fresh ways to rock knit. Stay updated on what’s hot and trendy at the moment, and incorporate those into your outfits. Who knows, all your experiments can lead you to a brand new go-to sweater weather look. For fresh, new ways to rock knitwear, just read on!

11 Stylish Sweater Weather-Ready Knitwear Outfits

Keep Warm And Stay Stylish With These Sweater Weather Essentials

One of the things I’m excited for this fall is sweater weather! I get to layer my outfits and bring out all my favorite knitwear. Whether they’re tops, dresses, or even skirts, knitwear always makes me feel like the cold season has truly arrived. But I also make sure to mix things up with my looks every year. You don’t stay stylish and on-trend by staying the same! There are so many ways to wear knit, aside from your usual jeans or shorts. And what’s more, there are also a whole host of different knit pieces you can incorporate into your sweater weather wardrobe. You shouldn’t be limited to plain pullovers and cable knit sweaters. Just keep scrolling for sweater weather outfit inspiration that’s sure to keep you warm and stylish this season!

1. Glam

Most of us think that sweaters are for more casual looks. But this outfit just proves us all wrong! Pick a sweater in a neutral or dark color, and pair it with a more glam skirt with sequins, glitter, or even on-trend velvet. It’s perfect for a chilly date night!

2. Bright Red

11 Cute Knitwear Outfits You'll Need For Sweater Weather

Neutral colored knitwear is timeless and easy to mix and match, but you should also have a few statement sweaters in your wardrobe! This bright red sweater looks so stylish, even if it’s just with a pair of jeans and a clutch.

3. Sweater Dresses

Knit dresses are my personal go-to sweater weather outfits. When I’m too lazy to mix and match a top and bottom, I reach for these dresses and a cute pair of flats! But this season, I think I’ll get inspiration from this and wear my dresses with white sneakers. It’s a great weekend look, don’t you think?

4. Workwear-Worthy

Yes, you can wear knit to work! Just pair it with something more polished like a tailored skirt or cigarette pants.

5. Double Knits

We all know denim on denim, but double knits are a less common approach to coordinating. I love this look though, it seems so cozy! This is definitely a new look I’ll be trying out.

6. Midi Skirts

Feeling girly? Tuck a pink knit sweater into a midi skirt for an instant girly look. It’s perfect for Sunday brunch, or even a casual date night look.

7. Turtlenecks

11 Cute Knitwear Outfits You'll Need For Sweater Weather

If you need to stay extra warm during sweater weather, go for knit turtlenecks! The extra warmth from your top also means you can wear a shorter skirt. If it gets chilly, just bring a jacket to layer over.

8. Everything Oversized

There’s something really stylish about oversized clothes. We see a lot of oversized outfits during Fashion Week, and all the cool girls seem to have this look mastered. Well it’s time you tried it too! An oversized sweater paired with flare pants will give you a laid-back 70s vibe.

9. Cropped

Still not over the cropped trend? You don’t have to let go of it just yet. Cropped sweaters or hoodies can be your go-to pieces for warmer days. Pair them with jeans, or even a cute skirt!

10. Lace-Up

Here’s another trend you can incorporate into your sweater weather wardrobe: lace-up! Lace-up sweaters can instantly give your cozy, covered-up looks an edgy twist.

11. Colorful Knit

11 Cute Knitwear Outfits You'll Need For Sweater Weather

Don’t be afraid of playing with colors, too! Just because it’s cold and dreary doesn’t mean your outfit should be too. Pairing your knitwear with culottes is also another office-appropriate combination.

Watch this video from clothesencounters for more sweater weather styling tricks:

Whether you’re dressing up for a night out, a lazy weekend, or a long day at the office, there are sweater weather looks to try! Mix and match classic pieces you already have, with new and trendy items that will keep you looking stylish and fashionable this season. Which sweater weather outfits were your favorite? Leave a comment to let me know!

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