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Person Wearing Continental 80 Shoes | Trendy Adidas Sneakers For Women You Should Own This Season | Featured

10 Trendy Adidas Sneakers For Women You Should Own This Season

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes for this season? Check out these women’s Adidas sneakers you need to get your hands on.

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Top Adidas Sneakers You Can Wear Daily

1. NMD

Black and White NMD | Trendy Adidas Sneakers For Women You Should Own This Season

The Adidas NMD, which means nomad, is one of Adidas’ most popular sneakers. It combines the old and new designs that made the brand with three stripes well known and loved. It is equipped with the Primeknit technology for its upper part to provide a stable, sturdy, and flexible feel.

This shoe is equipped with Adidas’ Boost technology for its sole which is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. It acts as a great shock absorber and provides maximum comfort.

Check out the black with white sole NMDs. They go for $130 on the Adidas website.

2. Pureboost

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The Adidas Pureboost is initially made for running but became daily wear as well. It now has different variations for different purposes. But these running shoes are crafted to embrace your feet and be comfortable especially when you’re running.

It has a mesh upper to give your feet some air to breathe when you’re doing your physical activity and the Boost sole to cushion every step you make.

Check out the Orchid Tint Raw White colorway on the Adidas website. It goes for as low as $60.

3. Ultra Boost


The Adidas Ultra Boost is the leader of the pack for all the boost-infused sneakers for this brand. It is said to be the most comfortable and most reliable among all the others on this list. When walking through the snow during the winter season, the Ultra Boost has the Continental made sole to ensure grip on slippery ground.

As for comfort, you can wear it all day and walk for miles and still keep your feet relaxed and fresh.

Check out the Naked x Adidas Consortium Ultra Boost on This pair starts from $245.

4. Iniki/I-5923

The Adidas I-5923, formerly known as the Iniki, has a simple and lightweight design but is very comfortable to wear. It has a mesh upper with suede incorporated for the toe part. Its sole has the Boost technology covering the entire feet and a gum bottom sole.

Check out this pair of Adidas Iniki in Raw Pink colorway on the Adidas website. It goes for $120.

5. Nite Jogger

The Adidas Nite Jogger is one of the latest releases and designs of this brand. It has its similarities with the Iniki in terms of its shape but with added features like a suede toe tip, mesh toe box, canvas quarter panel, a very soft and comfortable tongue, and hard plastic protection on its heel.

The Nite Jogger also has the reliable Boost sole and a matching rubber outsole for a great grip.

Check out the Adidas Nite Jogger Ice Mint colorway on the Adidas website. It goes for $130.

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6. Superstar

White Black Stripes Superstar | Trendy Adidas Sneakers For Women You Should Own This Season

The Adidas Superstar is one of the brand’s most famous silhouettes. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made these shoes popular in the 70s after using it in the NBA since it was initially made as basketball shoes. The pair’s popularity didn’t die down as it regained its status in the late 80s to early 90s because of the hip-hop group RUN DMC, even releasing a song called “My Adidas.”

Ever since then, the Superstar became a staple in streetwear and for everyday use.

Check out the iconic Cloud White Core Black colorway on the Adidas website. It goes for $80.

7. Stan Smith

The Adidas Stan Smith, just like the Superstars, has become a staple with streetwear because of its simple yet very classy design. The shoe company originally designed this as tennis shoes. It was named after the popular American tennis player of the same name.

Check out the Stan Smith Green Tab colorway on the Adidas website. It goes for $80.

8. Continental 80


The Adidas Continental 80 is another brand that caters to the streetwear crowd. It features a simple and intricate design usually made from leather for comfort and stability even if you’re wearing it on a daily basis.

Check out the Bluebird colorway on the Adidas website. It goes for $80.

9. Yeezy 350

Kanye West has been monumental with the sneaker culture and Adidas. He became a major influence for all shoe lovers and has helped boost sales to great heights. In fact, Kanye made the brand even more popular that he got his own line of shoes.

The Yeezy 350 is one of the most popular of the Adidas sneakers and has become a very sought after pair in the market.

Check out the Yeezy 350 Chalk Coral colorway on It goes from $90.

10. Ozweego

For the Yeezy fans, the Adidas Ozweego can be the closest thing you can get to the Kanye West kicks. It as an affordable alternative to the Yeezy 500s because of the similar design and comfort.

Check out the Olive Gum colorway on the Adidas website. It goes for $110.

Watch this video from Seth Fowler and learn how to take care and clean your Adidas sneakers:

From the casual Adidas sneakers to the running/lifestyle/streetwear designs, the brand with three stripes offers these shoes you can wear every day and for almost any occasion.

Do you have any of the mentioned Adidas sneakers in your shoe closet? Share it with us by leaving a photo and a simple review of it in the comment section provided below


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