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What’s The Say On This Store: American Eagle Reviews

We’re going to start bringing you reviews of our favorite stores! Our editors will break down what exactly you should spend your money on at every store.

First stop for me is American Eagle. I’ve been a big fan of AE for years. I think a lot of people stop shopping there in their 20s because they have this idea that American Eagle clothes are juvenile. But, news flash, just because you shopped somewhere in High School, doesn’t mean you can’t shop there in your adult years.

I’m almost 25 and I still frequent AE for some items. Some things I love, others I’m not a fan of. In my honest opinion, here’s what you should and shouldn’t spend your money on at American Eagle.


American Eagle Jeans Review found at

I put jeans first because you should absolutely BUY them here. I’m particularly obsessed with their jeggings. If you aren’t familiar with jeggings, they look like jeans but feel more like leggings. Basically, extremely comfortable jeans.

Besides being comfortable, American Eagle jeggings are so versatile. You can easily wear them with boots since they’re tight on your ankles but hey also go great with heels or sandals. Due to their popularity, AE also offers the most styles in the jegging fit. You can get corduroy jeggings, velvet jeggings, faux leather jeggings, etc. You name it, they probably make it.

The store also offers bootcut jeans, flare jeans, skinny jeans, straight-cut jeans and boyfriend jeans. AE’s jeans are such good quality for the price. I try to buy mine when they’re on sale for around $40 (instead of paying the normal $50-$60 for them). These are not cheap jeans, they’re are so nicely made. They fade slowly, don’t bleed, they hold shape, they don’t thin out fast. I can’t say enough good things.


American Eagle Sandals Review found at

I’ve had good & bad luck with shoes from American Eagle. All of the boots I’ve purchased are amazing. They are all super stylish, comfortable and durable. I’ve had a black studded pair for 3 years now and I still get compliments.

I can’t say as many good things about their sandals. I do appreciate how most of their sandals have a cushion base. It’s super comfortable (much better than those flat, lifeless Forever 21 options). However, I’ve had some of the straps break after only a couple of wears. In the past, their sandals have lasted longer. I’m not sure if I got a bad pair or if they changed how their sandals were made in recent years.


American Eagle Tops Review found at

The tops at AE are tricky. Some you should pass on while others are worth the money. It really depends. I’ve had the best luck with their sweaters. They all have lasted me years and years.

I’ve had different luck with their t-shirts/tanks. While they are super soft and affordable, they don’t last extremely long. You can get a good couple of years out of them, but they won’t last as long as the sweaters. I generally replace my basic tanks on a yearly basis anyway, so if you’re like me, then their basics will work perfectly for you.

I also usually wait for the sweaters to go on sale, though. End-of-season sales are a great way to shop for next year. AE usually has a lot of colors/sizes still in stock even when their sweaters go on super sale, so you don’t have to worry about your size being sold out.

Workout/Lounge Wear

American Eagle Workout Wear Review found at

I, like many others, love yoga pants. I could live in them. But, I don’t want to pay crazy prices for them. They are lounge pants or even worse, workout pants. You literally sweat in them. I know a lot of people love spending money on their workout clothes, Lululemon would be out of business if they didn’t. But that’s not me.

American Eagles sister brand Aerie is jam-packed full of PJs, workout wear, undergarments, etc. It’s all very pretty and looks decently made, but I’d rather save my money for other things. To each their own, but I think you could find the same items for cheaper elsewhere.


American Eagle Accessories Review found at

I would PASS on the jewelry and accessories from AE. While they aren’t bad quality, I don’t believe they are worth the money. Most of their jewelry is more expensive than what you would buy at Forever21 and it’s nothing special. I purchased once scarf that retailed for $20 and it was very disappointing. The material was scratchy and so thin, it barely had a shape to it.

I’ve also purchased some jewelry and while it was pretty, it’s nothing special. There is one exception, their watches. BUY them! I can’t say enough good things about AE watches. They look high-end but they are super affordable! Don’t pass on those.

What do you love at American Eagle? Let us know in the comments below!

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