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Black Friday Sale Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

Excited for Black Friday sale day? You should be, because it’s just around the corner! And you’ve got a lot of stiff competition to contend with for the best deals. So get your game face on and prepare for Black Friday sale shopping as early as now! Read on for useful tips and hacks you’ll need to step up your Black Friday sale shopping game.

Black Friday Sale Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

Don’t Go Black Friday Sale Shopping Without These Tips

Mark your calendars: Black Friday Sale day is November 25th, 2016. I think you know by now just how excited I am—I already have game plans for my Topshop and Zara shopping! From my experiences, getting a head start on Black Friday sale shopping is always a good idea. You have more time to do your research, pick out the items you really want, and look out for the best deals. Many of your favorite shops have Black Friday sale deals online as well, so you can join the madness from the comfort of your own home! To help you prepare for Black Friday sale day, I’ve listed down some of the things I do to make the most of every shopaholic’s dream day.

1. Shop Online

Black Friday Sale Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

One of the biggest cons when it comes to Black Friday is having to shop elbow-to-elbow (literally) with huge crowds and unruly shoppers. So if you don’t already know, most major retailers offer the same Black Friday sale deals. Sometimes you can even combine promo codes and other online deals. So if you have items you absolutely need to buy this Black Friday, save them to your online shopping carts and go back to them on Black Friday. Some online stores even offer you promo codes encouraging you to finish your transactions! Being rewarded for shopping? Yes, please!

2. Make A Game Plan, And Stick To It

Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, a game plan is absolutely necessary. Go to your favorite stores ahead of time and take a look at the merchandise. So on Black Friday, you’ll save time looking around and you can make a beeline for the items you want before anyone else gets them!

3. Double-Check Sales and Promos

Different stores have different Black Friday promos. So unless you’re looking for specific items or designer brands, keep your options open! Basic t-shirts, jeans, and other wardrobe essentials may have better offers in certain stores. And don’t fall for scams! It’s easy to believe everything you see on the internet, especially on Black Friday when the deals can get outrageous. But as much as possible, shop on sites you trust or have transacted with before. The discounts may be huge, but you’re still spending good money!

4. Stay Updated

Black Friday Sale Shopping Hacks You Need To KnowSpeaking of different deals in different stores, keep an eye on your favorite stores’ social media feeds. Some stores announce Black Friday sale deals ahead of time, so you can plan. Others will have exclusive social media deals, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on those!

5. Set Your Limits

But before you even start coming up with a game plan, set your limits! Figure out how much you’re willing to spend this year, or how many items you’ll let yourself purchase. Because we all know how tempting (and overwhelming!) Black Friday sale day can be. Sales and discounts are great, but you’ll thank yourself for remembering when and where to stop!
Watch this video from Wall Street Journal for more Black Friday Sale shopping tips:

I hope these Black Friday sale hacks will help you, the same way they make my shopping experience even better! Remember: don’t get carried away, and be a smart shopper. Your wallet will thank you for making smart, informed decisions this Black Friday. What’s on your Black Friday wish list? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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