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Top 9 Bridal Trends That Will Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

Have you already planned your dream wedding? Or better yet, are you having your wedding this year? If so, you might want to check out this compilation of bridal trends that’s in for this year.


Top 9 Bridal Trends To Consider For Your Dream Wedding

Make Your Wedding a Dream Come True and More


Since we were little girls, most of us want to plan what our weddings would be like. From the color to the flowers to the location, everything’s set. Although, as time goes by, many aspects change. Our personality, style, favorite color and preferences. But inside of us, there is still that little girl that wants to have a perfect wedding. So to fulfill that little girl’s wish, here are the top 9 bridal trends that you can choose from to have that dream wedding.


 1. Boho brides

Inspired by the Bohemian fashion statement, Boho brides’ gown are usually off-shoulders. It can also be described as simplistic and light. Not the usual wedding gowns with puffy skirts and tight corsets.


 2. Tier it Up

We all have dreams of becoming a princess at our weddings at some point. If you still want that to happen, give it a new twist by putting additional layers or tiers. With this, you will achieve that puffy quality of the dress while being in style.


 3. You Can Go Lower

Plunging necklines are also going to be popular this year. Extreme necklines can be countered by having high collar gown designs. It will look absolutely fabulous and elegant.


  4. Pantsuits? Yeah, Pantsuits

It is most common for girls to wish for wedding gowns that show their femininity. But there are some which are not “girly girls” and want wedding attires that show their strong side. You might think that pantsuits do not really fit for a wedding but you have to see these designs and judge for yourself.


 5. Layers

Wedding gowns with layers will be a trend this year. May it be a train, a cape or even extra top layers. All so that you will be the most beautiful bride on your special day.


 6. LWD

If you don’t want to make your wedding a big event and just keep it intimate, you can wear a little wedding dress. It gives off a not too formal but not too casual feel.


 7. White’s Not the Only Option

It’s conventional that wedding dresses are white. But this year, you can try water color printed gowns. Just make sure that the color of the bouquets harmonizes with the color of your gown.


 8. Corsets

Wearing a corset in a wedding is not as daring as it sounds. You can pair them with slip dresses or ball gowns. You will notice that it fits on a spring or summer weather where it’s a little humid.


 9. Traditional Laces

Wedding gowns with laces are also extremely classy. Gossamer sheers’ almost see-through effect while wearing long sleeves is without a doubt, glamorous. Also, adding sequins and sparkly details will complete the look.

With that wide selection of wedding gowns to choose from, you will surely have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Every wedding is very important and special to anyone’s life. It is only proper that you have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.


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