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Wedding Checklists

Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures
Looking your best on your wedding day is not the only goal that you must have on that day. Can you guess what that other important detail is? Well, looking great on your wedding photos too, first and foremost! I'm telling you now, learning this list of wedding photography tips is like Leonardo finally winning an Oscar. There were so many chances of hitting it, but this is where you finally hit the right one and it's about time!
Wedding hairstyle close-up | Bow Braided Hairstyle | Wedding Updos | Featured
Bow Braided Hairstyle | Wedding Updos
When it comes to your wedding day, or any formal occasion, long hair can be difficult! Curls wont last, updo's fall... so we have quite the solution for you. We like to call this beauty the Bow Braid. Complex, elegant look, that's surprisingly easy to achieve! Follow this simple step by step tutorial to achieve…
Wedding Makeup Tutorials
As your big day approaches, do you stress over the perfect makeup? Bridal makeup is all about showing off your natural beauty! So, try this fresh faced look on for size, practice, and you will be ready for your big day in no time at all. Wedding Makeup | Makeup Tutorial Supplies you will need for…
There are several stylish ways to wear your dorky tees without looking like a dork. Here are 11 Ways Fashionistas Style Cool Graphic Tees by Cute Outfits at
Wedding Hairstyles | Bridal Updo’s
If you are in need of inspiration for your wedding hairstyles, look no further! We have gathered nine of the most trendy and traditional styles for both short and long wedding hair. Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, we have the style for you! Wedding hair The messy bun is currently one of the most popular…
The 12 Lucky Chinese Horoscope Gemstones
Astrologers say that each gemstone represents a particular planet, and wearing it can attract positive vibes and enhance the planet’s effects in your life. If you are wondering what is your lucky gemstone, let’s find it out here on the 12 lucky Chinese horoscope gemstones.