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16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons | Wedding Checklists

Bridesmaid dresses can be tricky, especially when you take into account all your girls’ body types, personal style, budgets, and the type of weather you’ll be holding your wedding in. It’s incredibly challenging to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses, so it’s easily one of the more stressful details to lock down in the planning process. But I believe I have something here that’s sure to lift your spirits and aid you in your quest! Read on for sixteen stylish choices that not only make your girls look gorgeous, but are sure to be on-trend regardless of the season.

16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons

Deciding on your bridesmaid dresses could definitely be a stressful process. Not only do you have to take your theme and budget into account, you also have to consider your bridesmaids themselves—of course you want bridesmaids dresses that will look stylish and flattering on every one of them! When I was planning my wedding, I was blessed with girls who shared my vision of my big day and were eager to be a part of making my dream day come true. And I’m sure your bridesmaids are the same way with you too! I hope you all enjoy poring over my selection of stylish dresses and gowns that will look amazing on each and every one of them.

16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons | Wedding Checklists

1. Cropped Top + Midi Skirt

One way to beat the heat but still look formal? These metallic or sequined cropped tops are very fashionable right now, and when paired with a tea-length skirt, they make a classic combo that’s still easy to wear to an outdoor wedding.

2. Color Blocked + Pattered Separates

Country weddings are a great time and place to get creative with your bridesmaid dresses! Tailored and printed skirts match the solid-colored tops beautifully.

16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons | Wedding Checklists

3. Floral Patterned Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Go bold with a funky floral print and experiment with different styles of dress for each girl. The print ties the looks together, but the different designs keep it interesting.

4. Dainty Watercolor Floral Dresses

These flowing dresses in watercolor print are just so dainty and pretty! Your girls are sure to feel both feminine yet free-spirited. These bridesmaid dresses will tie in perfectly with any rustic-themed wedding.

5. Breezy Pastels

Purple doesn’t always have to be a dark and heavy hue. Lighter shades of lilac and periwinkle blue, when paired with soft, flowing fabric, can make quite the stylish statement!

16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons | Wedding Checklists

6. Cabernet

In the cooler months, wine-tinged colors come out to play. You can’t go wrong with a deep maroon or burgundy—it’s such a classic color that’s flattering for most skin tones!

7. Metallic

Luxurious gold tones spell class and elegance all the way. Why not deck your gals out in dazzling variations of shimmery and glittery gold, bronze, or silver? Pro tip: Keep length short to avoid looking overdone!

8. Cardigan + Tulle Skirt

Here’s a new take on bridesmaid dresses: A tank top or knit cardigan paired with an almost ballerina-like tulle skirt creates a casual vibe. This would be amazing for a brunch or afternoon garden wedding!

9. Eclectic Lace

Lace need not be limited to the bride. Delicate short lace dresses in varying styles evoke a down-home, country feel while still looking festive and flattering.

16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons | Wedding Checklists

10. Mixed Sparkles

Beads, sequins, and glittery fabric all look good mixed and matched together, especially when done in pale or nude shades. This look works for day or night, summer or winter—I think we’ve found an instant classic!

11. Nice and Neutral

Draped and free-flowing chiffon can hug your bridesmaids’ curves in all the right places. Beautifully rendered in neutral tones, these bridesmaid dresses set off a tan nicely (so definitely consider this for a summer destination wedding!)

12. Bold Red

Rarely do we see ravishing red make its rounds on bridesmaid dresses trends, and I don’t understand why! This bold hue makes a great pop of color for any wedding. For fall, accessorize with snug wraps or shawls to make it more rustic.

13. Royal Blue

Imagine if your bridesmaids could be your “something blue!” How cute would that be? Bridesmaid dresses in a strong and regal shade of blue will always make a smashing statement.

16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons | Wedding Checklists

14. Sequined Top

Afraid to commit to full-on sparkle? I suggest saying “I do” to this subtly shimmery dress style. Gold really is having a major moment, don’t you agree?

15. Eye-catching Teal

As far as bridesmaid dresses go, this is pretty unique: Solid colors in a trendy shade like teal will definitely draw the eye! Can you see how the dresses complement the flowers perfectly?

16 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses For All Seasons | Wedding Checklists

16. White + Wine

Having a white upper is a safe option for brides who are wary of such a strong shade. I am so loving these  wine-hued flowing maxi skirts right now!

I’m sure these bridesmaid dresses have gotten you all excited to complete your bridal party’s look! Might I suggest a romantic braided updo that will look amazing with any of these styles? Watch this tutorial by Lilith Moon to learn how to do it!

I’m sure you and your girlfriends will have such a wonderful time at your wedding, from the preparations all the way to the walk down the aisle! Your bridesmaids will be your angels and fairy godmothers on your big day, so here’s hoping they play their part well.

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