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Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures

Looking your best on your wedding day is not the only goal that you must have on that day. Can you guess what that other important detail is? Well, looking great on your wedding photos too, first and foremost! I’m telling you now, learning this list of wedding photography tips is like Leonardo finally winning an Oscar. There were so many chances of hitting it, but this is where you finally hit the right one and it’s about time!

Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures

How To Strike A Pose and Get The Best Pictures On Your Wedding

Before my husband and I got married, we did wedding planning by ourselves, deciding as to what particular details we’re going to focus on. At first, we thought about the food, making a sugar-free dessert table maybe. And then the wedding dress, and then for the perfect wedding tokens. But finally, we settled down and decided to get the best wedding photographer — to which we never regretted — and got the best wedding pictures.

Here are not just 5, but 15 Wedding Photography Tips from Christian Tudor (wedding photography expert) on how the bride and groom must pose to replicate their romantic fairy tale and get the best wedding photos.

1. Couple in Perspective

The setting includes shooting on an empty street or corridor. The couple is asked to hold hands with their arms and legs spread apart.

This is a variation wherein we ask the couple to hold hands while facing each other or to hug or kiss.

Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures

2. Depth of Field Couple

The couple is asked to stand around 5-10 meters away from each other. The first shot can be focusing on the groom first and making the bride at the background blurry.

The second shot is done which is vice versa of the first shot. The bride in the background is now in focus and the groom is the one that is blurry.

3. The Hedge

The couple simply hugs, or kisses and then looks at the photographer together. If there is no hedge around the area, a gate, a wall or a mirror can be variations to this item.

4. The Kiss

In this shot, we will ask the bridesmaids to kiss the bride from the opposite directions. For those that can’t reach the bride, they can make pouting lips poses instead.

For the male variation, this may come as a challenge since men tend to be more serious. None of the groom’s men would usually agree to kiss the groom.

Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures

5. Funny Faces

Again, the girls are easier to manage in this particular pose since they easily show their funny sides. When asked to make this pose, they can put their tongues out or make a “Charlie’s Angels” pose.

6. The Jump

Men have no issues with this pose. They readily jump and compete who can jump the highest after or on the count of three.

7. We are The Champion

We do this pose by asking the groomsmen to throw the groom in the air or to hold him over their shoulders as if winning a championship game.

Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures

8. The Madonna Pose

This pose was inspired of Madonna’s famous “Material Girl” dance pose.

The female variation is a bit difficult since not all bridesmaids are strong en0ugh to carry the groom.

9. The Discipline

Letting the bride and groom stand a meter or a couple of meters apart, we ask them then to stand seriously as if in a military pose. They either face the photographer or after that face each other. This is one artistic shot of their shoes while in this pose.

10. The Dip

We will ask the groom to be half leaning while he dips his bride downwards as if finishing a dance act.

11. Urban Shots or Land Marks

This shot is simply done by following the basics of photography. The rule of thirds is here while making the sky and infrastructure as a background. A variation is a city pose where in the buildings and the city sky is the background of the shot.

Another variation is when we ask the bride or the couple to pose in the middle of a skyscraper. Here, we get to achieve a symmetrical image and the key here is to look in between the gaps of the building.

Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures

12. The Stairs

Beautiful pictures can be taken with textured stairs. This includes concrete and sandstone stairs. We do the composition first by letting the bride sit on the first three steps on the right side, while the groom stays 3 steps higher from the bride, on the left. Make sure there are no other people in the background that will ruin the shot.

13. The Bride’s Eyes

Ask the bride to look over the groom’s shoulder and let the lens focus on the bride’s eyes. Very dramatic.

14. Depth of Field Line Up

This is done with the groom and the groomsmen lined up in a single file. And then we focus on the groom, blurring out the groomsmen.

This is the female variation that can be done with the bride and all of the girls.

Wedding Checklists Photography Tips | How To Get The Best Wedding Pictures

15. The Circle

You can either lie down on the floor and shoot up with the people making a Rugby-like circle around you. Or another idea is to stand up and shoot down and ask the people to lie down and then look up at you.


Here is the instructional video by Christian Tudor from Academy of Photography that is entitled 15 Wedding Photography Ideas Compilation:

Hiring an equally competent hair and make-up stylist will also be a big factor to have perfect wedding pictures. You may ask the artist to give you a romantic look or a simple neutral one.

As for your hairstyle, how about making the celebrity walking on the red carpet as your inspiration? With your wedding pictures in the bag, don’t forget to furnish your heartfelt wedding speeches, too. It will just be like writing a romantic love letter to him or to her.

Now, smile and relax because dear, you are now, almost ready for that grand day.


Would you like to know more tips in preparing your wedding? Find all of your wedding tips needs here!

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