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Wedding Checklists|19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

Wedding Checklists | 19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

While prepping for the happiest day of your life could be exciting and fun, it could also cause you stress. Here in Wedding Checklists, we make sure that the most important star of your big day is well taken care of.

Wedding Checklists | 19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

Secrets to be a Beautiful Bride

While it is normal for brides to try to look their best on their wedding day, a common bridal beauty blunder is that soon-to-be-brides tend to do too many only days before their wedding day.

While this is good, this is not sufficient as this could cause a great beauty disaster.

With a little care and diligence, Let us help you to avoid this disaster as we pamper you through our list of Beauty Secrets from head to toe!


1. Workout with a Wedding Fitness Plan

Exercise doesn’t only make you look great, it will make you feel great too. Avoid breakouts by relieving your stress through a workout regimen.

Put on your workout clothes now and work on losing those unwanted weights as you build strength and tone your muscles.

For a Six Month Wedding Fitness Plan, click here.

Wedding Checklists | 19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

2. Eat and Drink your way to Glowing Healthy Skin

Eat healthy. Pay attention to what you eat. Whatever you put inside your tummy can affect your skin’s clarity and texture.

Have a healthy glowing skin by filling your diet with Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, and avoid having any acne on your wedding day by avoiding oily foods.

For more details on how you can eat and drink your way to a Glowing Healthy Skin, click here.


3. Have a Hair and Makeup Consultation with a Pro

Make sure that you love your look on your wedding day as it is a day that you would definitely want to remember.

Have Trial Sessions with different professional Hair and Makeup Artists a few months before your wedding. The earlier, the better!

In each consultation or trial makeup, take photos of you so that you can easily see which style and makeup will look best on you.

For more tips on how to get the Most out of your Bridal Makeup Consultation, click here.


4. Choose your Artist Wisely

Your Hair and Makeup Artist could make or break you. Choose wisely the artist who brings out your best features.

Once you’ve chosen the best artist for you, book them for your Wedding date. Avoid any last minute booking conflicts.

For tips on How to Choose your Wedding Makeup Artist, click here.

Wedding Checklists | 19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

5. Have Trial Runs for your Hair and makeup

From up do, tied or lose, do not be afraid to experiment and explore.

Do you want to look sweet, bold, glamorous or rustic? Try different bridal styles and look.

To see which look bests look on you, bring your veil during your trial run.

For more information on Professional Bridal Makeup Hair and Trial Run, click here.


6. Skin Homecare

Fast-track your skin to a flawless complexion by amping your skincare routine.

Use a hydrating or brightening serum and never ever sleep with your makeup on.

For DIY Home Skincare Recipes, click here.


7. Visit an Esthetician

Whip your skin into tip-top shape by having an appointment with an esthetician at least 3-4 months before your Wedding date.

Get rid of any skin discoloration, acne marks, clogged pores or anything else that could ruin your lovely face with microdermabrasion facial or the light peel.

Have targeted treatments to prep your skin for your big day or any other day! The earlier you see an esthetician, the more options they have on beautifying you!

Wedding Checklists | 19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

8. Have regular skin exfoliation months before your Wedding Day

Introduce Pure Retinol or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) into your skincare routine to tighten your pores and have a visibly smoothened and refined skin texture. Consult your dermatologist about it.

Use a manual exfoliating scrub for a brighter complexion. Remove any dead skin cells gently. Avoid having abrasive facial treatments two weeks before your wedding.

You would not want to have a chemical peel as it will only make your face peeling away halfway through your wedding.

To learn how to Exfoliate like a Skin Care pro, click here.


9. Have a Relaxing Facial two weeks before your Wedding day

Have a relaxed, glowing and healthy skin with a soothing facial.

Having a facial would help your skin to look smooth and supple helping your makeup to look extra flawless.

For a great timeline for Facials before wedding, click here.


10. Treat yourself to an Exfoliation Treatment

Exfoliate your body 2–3 times a week to slough away dry skin. Prep with a creamy scrub for that softer and smoother skin.

11. Take Care of your Pearly Whites and Smile

Smiling never failed to make anybody more beautiful. Have a cleaning session with your dentist and brighten up your smile.

You may use white strips in lightening your teeth. For homemade teeth whitening, you may just add baking soda and lemon to produce a DIY Teeth bleach.


12. Prepare for Makeup Touchups

During the reception, you will have lots of wedding toasts, guest smooches, kisses with your new husband and wedding cakes.

Make sure to prepare a tube for yourself of a lip color that you’ve settled on for touch ups. If you’ve got oily skin, use a setting powder to keep your complexion smooth and shine free.

If you’ve got oily skin, use a setting powder to keep your complexion smooth and shine free.


13. Have your hair trimmed and colored by a trusted hairstylist

If you want to explore different hairstyles and hair colors, do it months before your wedding day. Avoid any drastic changes weeks before your wedding day.

If you want to have something extra, have a shine treatment.

Wedding Checklists | 19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

14. Get your Locks healthy and Have a Hair Treatment

To have visibly silky strands, use a deep conditioning hair treatment.

If you are going to don an updo, have your hair washed the day before your wedding so that it would hold up better during your big day.

For HomeMade Treatments, click here.


15. From taking care of your beloved hair, Say Goodbye to your Unwanted hair

Have a waxing session! Have the areas that needed waxing, at least, one week before your Wedding day to avoid any inflammation and redness on the day itself.  Use a Recovery Skin Salve post-treatment, if necessary, to speed up the soothing process.

When having your brows shaped, be sure not to have drastic changes such as too thin. Should there be any stray hairs on your Wedding day, just simply pluck them with tweezers.


16. Nail care

Indulge yourself with a Luxurious Manicure and Pedicure. Since a gel manicure chips away for up to two weeks, it is best that you have your manicure and pedicure a few days before your wedding.

Wedding Checklists | 19 Must-Have Beauty Secrets for the Soon-to-be Bride

17. Don’t neglect your Beauty Rest

Although wedding jitters could cause you to miss out on enough sleep before your wedding day, it is still advisable that you doze off for the entire 8 hours before it to have that fresh beauty glow.

18. Stay Hydrated

Keep yourself moisturized and hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Not only will it get you hydrated, but this beauty secret could also help you keep the eyebags away.

To learn more on how to stay hydrated, read here.


19. Indulge in your favorite scent

Now that you are all set from head to toe, don’t forget to smell good as well by spritzing your favorite Perfume. To smell good all night long, read here.

Did you love our Beauty secrets?

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Did you love our tips or do you know any other beauty secrets for the Bride-to-be? Please let us know in the comments box below.

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