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15 Cute Camouflage Outfits That You Can Celebrate Armed Forces Day With

Ran out of ideas for your camouflage outfits on Armed Forces Day? Check out all these cute camo pieces you can incorporate into your ensemble!

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15 Camouflage Outfits That Are Too Chic to Be Concealed

1. The Wardrobe Staple

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When you think of camouflage outfits, I know you automatically go for the classic army pants! It’s a must-have for every girl’s closet.

Tip: Crop tops and tank tops are the perfect matches for your favorite pair of cute camo pants. You can also add a chic belt to make it more fashionable.

2. Cooler in Cropped Camo


If you don’t have a camo jacket in your wardrobe, then you’re missing out! It’s a statement piece that will redefine your street style.

Tip: Instead of going for the usual cargo jacket, why not experiment with the cropped variety? It shows just the right amount of skin for a more alluring look.

3. Dressy for the Day

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Some people view camouflage clothes as boyish outfits. But believe it or not, this print is versatile. Ladies can pull this style off seamlessly. This trendy camo dress will certainly convince you!

Tip: Opt for sleeveless dresses with flattering necklines. These will give your camo ensemble a girlier look without the need for accessories.

4. Feeling Blue


Who said your camo outfit needs to be in the color of grass and leaves? An all-blue camo ensemble is the way to go if you want to switch it up!

Tip: If you’re in the mood for a monochrome getup, it’s important to incorporate an accessory with contrasting hues and prints that will catch anyone’s eye.

5. Let’s Get Physical

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Even if you’re working out at the gym to achieve your dream body, you can still celebrate Armed Forces Day by wearing some cute camo clothes.

Tip: Camouflage leggings can give the illusion of a bigger booty! Pair them with an everyday sports bra or hoodie to avoid pattern clashing.

6. Mini Skirt Season


You can elevate your street fashion even more when you add a dash of feminine flair to your camouflage outfits. A cute mini skirt will do wonders!

Tip: Apart from the usual A-line skirts, you can also choose mini skirts with exciting embellishments and cuts, such as ribbons, tassels, and ruffles.

7. Just A Little Peek

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There are so many cute camo tops to choose from for your Armed Forces Day celebration. But will a t-shirt be enough? This pastel blouse might suit your taste more!

Tip: Show your flirty side with a little off-shoulder action! You don’t need to be covered up all the time. This top is ideal for the conservative fashionistas.

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8. All Fired Up


Breaking news: red camo pants exist, and they are to die for! If you’re feeling a bit bold, you need to rock these blazing bottoms!

Tip: All-red camouflage outfits might be too much, so opt for a black top to go with your pants. Wearing fishnet body stockings underneath will give you total badass vibes!

9. Raving for Rompers

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Will you be staying at home for Armed Forces Day? It’s a good thing this snazzy romper can be worn as comfy loungewear too! You’ll be looking like a stylish homebody in no time.

Tip: Avoid camouflage rompers that will cover your neckline and shoulders. They can make you look stocky, which might be unflattering for some body types.

10. Little Miss Sunshine


Yellow is one of this season’s trendiest colors. So go ahead and rock the hue in your camouflage outfits! You can brighten everyone’s day with this sunny ensemble.

Tip: Instead of camo accessories, go for gold jewelry to emphasize the vibrant theme of your outfit. A cute little necklace and some hoop earrings will complete the look.

11. Obsessed with Hoodies

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Who doesn’t love hoodies? They’re chic and cozy staples that will never go out of style. Girls who love casual wear will never run out of these suckers!

Tip: Add more to your hoodie collection with a camo jogger set! You can use the hoodie individually or pair it with the bottoms.

12. Flaunting the Curves

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Camouflage is known for concealing, but ironically, they also tend to make you look bigger. Thankfully, camo bodycon dresses are here to defy that!

Tip: Choose a bodycon dress that will show your arms and legs to avoid looking heavier. Finish off with a pair of camo shoes, such as boots or sneakers.

13. Snazzier in Shorts

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Skip the daisy dukes and cut-offs for Armed Forces Day and flaunt your legs with some cute camo shorts! They’re perfect for the summertime, too!

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just cargo shorts. You can also try out some chinos, wrap shorts, pleated shorts, or even skorts!

14. On The Hunt for Pinafore


Pinafore is all the rage in street style nowadays—they’re super trendy and comfortable! All you need is a simple shirt underneath, and let the jumper dress steal the show.

Tip: Feeling a bit more dressy? Instead of a t-shirt, you can wear a turtleneck blouse or a puff sleeve top under your pinafore. Off-shoulders work, too!

15. Mad for Maxi

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

If you are aiming for that full-blown look for the 16th of May, then this is one of the best camouflage outfits to sport. It’s making a statement!

Tip: Camouflage maxi skirts are already a lot to take in, so don’t forget to wear a top that is easier on the eyes. Button-down shirts or knitted tees are great options.

If all you have right now are camo joggers, don’t sweat! Here are 15 ways you can style it from Ten Ways To Wear It:

Whether it’s Armed Forces Day or not, camouflage outfits have always been in style because of how cool and badass they look!

They might be tricky to pull off sometimes, but with the right pieces and accessories, you can create an ensemble that will show off the strong female soldier in you!

Do you know other camouflage outfits we can try? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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15 Cute Camouflage Outfits for Armed Forces Day Celebration

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