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7 Good Books to Read This Summer
Looking for good books to read this summer? We've got you covered, ladies! Pack up your iPod, sunscreen, and one of these good beach reads for a stress-free day under the sun!
15 Adorable Tiny Tattoos That Will Make You Yearn To Get Inked
If one of your life's bucket list is to get tiny tattoos... or your nerves are not ready yet for a big ink masterpiece on your arms or bag, this article is perfect for you! Get tiny tattoo ideas and be inspired to have those designs stamped onto your skin in no time!
Top 5 Ways to Preserve and Treasure Your Summer Memories
It's almost summer, right? That means, vacations, summer camps, and other activities that you will treasure forever. To make sure that the memories will last a lifetime, commemorate them with these top 5 ways so you can reminisce when you need to remember the happy moments.
DIY Bookshelf Every Bookworm Should Have
Got  any books lying around? If you're a glorified bookworm, I'm sure you have this problem. If you don't have a bookshelf because of the lack of space in your apartment, stick around and learn a way to make one. This DIY bookshelf only takes up the available space you have and it's cute too!
Top 5 Mark Ruffalo Roles
In honor of Mark Ruffalo's Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for Spotlight, we've decided to dedicate a whole post to this great actor.
16 Dream Destinations To Start Saving For
Tweet Share Share Pin 0 Shares Going to my dream destinations is one of the things on my bucket list for 2017! I’ve always loved traveling. It gives a sense of wonder. Tweet Share Share …