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crop pants

Crop Pants and More Stylish Options for the Season

Crop pants are all the rage right now and they fit women of different, body types,shapes and sizes. But if crop pants are not really  your style, don’t worry, Sharon Mosely has tons of other pant styles you can try.

Wearing the Pants

Let’s face it. Pants are our partners in fashion. We wear them as professionals. We wear them to play. And we wear them to party. They’ve become our best friends. And this spring, there are more and more ways to celebrate that bottom half of our wardrobes.

As Lauren Bacall so famously put it: “I wear pants almost exclusively so I can sit like a truck driver.” So let’s get truckin’ with some of spring’s best trends:

The wide legs have it

As the newest star of the season, fuller pants lead the fashion pack. Think culottes, gauchos and palazzo styles. (The latter are great for warm-weather parties.)

If you have long legs, you’re in for a treat. The high-waist wide-leg trousers so popular this year will give you even more height, and are great worn with flats. For shorter women, wide-leg pants can be a bit tricky. Try a more natural or low-waist look, and wear them with wedge platforms.

crop pants
Image via Pexels

When wearing wider legs, there is a fashion rule of thumb — fuller bottoms look best with a fitted top; the same “rule” applies to skinny pants — keep the fullness on top. While the rules are always made to be broken, this one generally holds true.

Crop pants get flare

crop pants
Image via Pxhere

Shorter pants that hit below the knee are always a favorite at this time of year. Cropped pants are a great alternative to shorts for many of us. This season, the shorter pants are updated in fuller silhouettes, some pleated and flared. Others have slits or zippers up the side. Steer clear of baggy cargo pants.

A word to the wise — see rule above.

And note: Cuffs will only make you look even shorter. The shoes you wear with short pants are critical. Let a full-length mirror be your judge.

The drape has all the drama

Once in a while, the fashion gods and goddesses will cause some excitement with a trend that has all the spectacle of a showstopper that turns up in all the photo layouts for the season. The “Fez” pant is the latest interpretation of the harem pant made popular years ago by rap star M.C. Hammer.

This is another pant silhouette, however, that can be treacherous — i.e. mistaken for a Halloween costume — and unless you are highly skilled at putting your wardrobe together, you might not want to touch this one! Instead, opt for an easy, slouchy pant that doesn’t have quite so much drama.

Jog with it


crop pants
Image via Pixabay

The ath-leisure trend may have us all wearing our yoga pants to work, but if you’re really wanting to work out your bottom half this spring, try pulling on a pair of jogger-style pants.

Fitted at the ankle, these pants are the new update on the knit leggings that many of us love to wear.

crop pants
Image via Pexels

From vintage florals to graphic dots and tie-dyes, the patterned pant never seems to go away, especially for spring. It’s a great vacation look in cropped versions, and a great cocktail look in flowing chiffon. Once again, keep the top simple and solid. Oh, yeah, if you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to ditch the animal-printed pants. Katy Perry is the only one doing the roaring now.

Keep the classics

Crop pants
Image via Pixabay

Don’t worry; the tailored trousers and skinny jeans that you already have in your closet are here to stay. No need to panic. But remember, pants — no matter what the silhouette — look only as good as they fit on you. Find the brand that best works for you and buy several pairs. Then you’ll never regret looking in the rear-view mirror.


Cropped pants get the pleated treatment at Burberry Prorsum. (

Release:2/ 17/ 2015

Do you style your crop pants with a blazer, buttoned up blouse, or a simple t-shirt? Tell us in the comment section below.

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