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Woman Wearing Pink Suit Jacket | Cute Business Outfits You Can Wear On Night Outs | Featured

10 Cute Business Outfits You Can Wear On Night Outs

It’s been a routine for me and my friends to hang out every Friday night after work. I clock out late and have to think of work-appropriate clothes in the morning that I can wear until my dinner for that evening. Here are my ideas of cute business outfits you can still wear on a night out.

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Cute Business Outfits You Can Wear When You Go out With Friends

1. Ruffled Dress and Heels


A cute white ruffled dress paired with red heels can be a perfect way to go to work even when you have something planned after your shift. You can bring a cute little black bag for your night out.

2. Coat and Pencil Skirt

Woman In Pencil Skirt | Cute Business Outfits You Can Wear On Night Outs
This is one of the most common business outfits you can wear to work. Make it fun and interesting by playing it up with texture, colors, and print. With that, this outfit is going to be perfect when hanging out with friends after work.

3. LBD and a Jacket


Be in a little black dress at work and look cute. You can wear it when you have a meeting and still look formal but gorgeous at the same time. When it’s time to party and it’s chilly out, add a jacket to complete a night-out look. Give your legs more length by pairing your outfit with nude pumps.

4. A Tailored Suit

Woman In Pink Blazer With WaistCoat | Cute Business Outfits You Can Wear On Night Outs
How about something to make you look formal and incredibly tall as well? Wear a tailored suit for the office and feel very fashionable during your dinner with friends.

So how could this be an outfit for a night out you say? Instead of the typical black or gray colored suits, you can play with colors for a twist. Why not try wearing a pink tailored suit, it looks super cute just like the photo above. Mix in some black heels to match the suit and this will make you look even taller.

5. Peplum Set with Embellished Shoes


If you have a very big meeting during the day, wear a blue peplum set as a business outfit. Add in some black and white embellished shoes to complete the look. It will make you look stunning.

You can also try some neutral colors if you don’t want to stand out too much. Bring your prettiest black bag for a more formal feel.

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6. Printed Dress with Belt


If you feel different and want to express yourself with designs, a printed dress can be the best choice. The great thing about printed dresses is you can choose a color combination that fits your look.

What I would suggest is to choose prints with solid colors and bold designs to still get the formal feel for a business outfit. Add a belt on top of everything to complete the look.

7. Loose Shirtdress Matched with a Designer Bag


Loose shirtdresses are more on the casual side but can still look formal enough to wear to work. Choose solid colors such as olive, grey, or black and keep it simple.

Bring out your best designer bag with you and that should complete the business outfit you can wear at the office and for your late-night dinner with friends.

8. Black Leather Pants


For a bold look, wear black leather pants with black plaid pumps. You can match the pants with a black blouse or a blazer for the office. And for your all-nighter activity after, it will still be comfortable.

9. Floral Dress and Peep Toe Shoes

Woman Wearing White And Floral Dress | Cute Business Outfits You Can Wear On Night Outs
Floral prints are perfect for any kind of outfit. To make it more appropriate for work, choose a dress that’s long. You don’t have to show much skin because you will surely stand out from the print of your dress. For your night out, match it with a bold color peep-toe heels.

10. Pleated Skirt Outfit and Denim Jacket


Stay formal and in business mode when at work. But when you’re about to go out with your friends, add a more casual touch by putting on a denim jacket. This is great for those chilly nights. Look and feel sexy by pairing your outfit with nude pumps.

Watch this video from Miss Louie for a month’s worth of cute business outfits that you can also wear when you go out:

Work hard and party harder. That’s my motto. When I go out with my friends after a workday, we usually start after we clock out from work. It’s great that the business outfits I wear are perfect for the office and at the same time nice enough to bring on a night out.

What do you wear for work that you take when you go out? Show us your cute business outfits by leaving a photo in the comments section provided below.


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