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20 Cute Outfits for School

Are you running out of cute outfits for school? Don’t panic, we’ve got your back!

To help you out, we’ve scoured the net for the best school outfits put together in one cute look. We didn’t find you 5, not 10 nor 15 looks…but a whopping 20 cute school outfit ideas that you can try immediately!

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Pink Chic

Got a pink sweater? Dress it up like this.

20 Cute Outfits for School

2. Blue Chill

Who wants to go to school with uncomfortable clothes? Ditch the trend and go for a relaxing and comfy look.

3. Preppy Converse

Want to go for a preppy look with your favorite Chuck Taylors? Try this.

20 Cute Outfits for School

4. Cropped Vans

Give those pair of Vans a work out and opt for a cropped tee with a Jansport bag to really show off the school girl in you.

20 Cute Outfits for School

5. Pastel Love

Love this look! Gray and pastel green together screams CUTE! Make sure to give this look a try.

6. Tank Up

Wearing a tank top to school is okay, but make sure to bring a cardigan with you just in case you get cold!

7. Green Stripes

Striped sweaters are always a delight to match. Try yours with this look.

8. Sporty Gal

Are you the sporty gal who likes to wear athleisure apparel to school? Go ahead! Comfort over trend all the way.

20 Cute Outfits for School

9. Girly Casual

Want a girly look that’s not too girly girly? Pair up your skirt with some sneakers!

10. Go Peachy

If you’re a peach lover then I’m sure you won’t have any problem putting this look together.

11. Vans Light

Do you happen to have an amazing pair of Vans sneakers, or any other sneakers in pastel green? This is the look you should try!

20 Cute Outfits for School

12. Daisy Duke

Throw on this sleeveless top and shorts combo for warmer days.

13. Casual Neutrals

Thinking of something to pair with your gray denim pants? A black/white striped top will do the trick.

20 Cute Outfits for School

14. The Ballgame

Take me out to the ballgame! This casual jersey look will match your braided pony perfectly.

15. Dainty Lady

Hey! It can also be fun to go for the girly girl look. Try this outfit and count the compliments you’ll get.

20 Cute Outfits for School

16. Simple Denim

When you’re out of options, remember, denim will never fail you.

17. Casual Tank

Meow your way into school fashion with this casual tank paired with your favorite backpack and denim.

20 Cute Outfits for School

18. Covered Stripes

So you’re a striped shirt kind of girl, but the cold weather is too much to bear. Dress it up with a beautiful knitted sweater and you’re good to go.

19. Cool Nerd

Do you have a statement sweater in your wardrobe that you’ve been waiting to wear all school year long? Wear it now!

20 Cute Outfits for School

20. Back to Basics

I love my plain tees and I really think they’re the most versatile pieces of clothing a person can ever wear. If you’re a tee fan like me, try out this look.


Whoa! 20 cute outfits for school all in one post? I honestly don’t know how you’ll pick one, because they’re all so great. But do tell me, which look caught your attention the most?

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