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13 Cute College Outfit Ideas To Make You Stand Out In School

You need to look great everyday especially when it’s time for school. You may have a large collection in your wardrobe but choosing and matching your clothes could become a daunting task. Here are cute college outfit ideas to impress your classmates and maybe even your crush!

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13 Cute College Outfit Ideas to Make You Look Trendy

What to Wear to College Everyday

You will meet different people every day. Whether you are in school, work, or elsewhere. You would notice that each one has a unique style. If you’re goal this school year is to dress to impress or to be trendy at all times, here are some cute college outfit ideas you may want to consider wearing.

College Outfit Ideas #1: Flowery Skirt With Plain Colored Top

Woman Dancing In Hallway | 13 Cute College Outfit Ideas That'll Make You Look Trendy

Let’s start off with a beautiful floral skirt paired with a burgundy long sleeve top. It’s cute and the colors are welcoming the fall season!

College Outfit Ideas #2: Skinny Jeans With Loose Top and Denim Jacket


A simple and cute outfit for school? This outfit is perfect for you! Wear a loose printed top, skinny jeans, denim jacket, and a pair of high-top sneakers or shoes. Now you should be ready for school!

College Outfit Ideas #3: Boyfriend Jeans


Put your boyfriend jeans to good use by pairing it with a cute loose top and a flannel shirt. Who says cute is only for the skirts? You can rock this look and still be trendy for college!

College Outfit Ideas #4: Denim Jumpers

Woman Holding Video Camera | 13 Cute College Outfit Ideas That'll Make You Look Trendy

Denim jumpers are making a comeback this year and people are loving it! Paired with a smart collared button-down and strappy low heels, this look will give you that extra boost of confidence!

College Outfit Ideas #5: Keep It Simple

Woman Holding Camera Lying Down| 13 Cute College Outfit Ideas That'll Make You Look Trendy

Why not keep things simple yet still stylish? With this cute oversized sweater with tight blue jeans and shoes, this look can be pulled off by anyone. Oh, and let’s not forget the loose bun!

College Outfit Ideas #6: Baseball Tee With High-waisted shorts


Baseball tees are practically the best when you’re going for a more comfy look. It’s still cute paired with high-waisted shorts and your favorite sneakers, but with the added bonus of it being such a comfortable outfit!

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College Outfit Ideas #7: Sweater with Collared Shirt


Sweaters are perfect for college days especially when autumn is coming and there’s that slight cold breeze in the air. A good alternative for jeans is black tights underneath the shorts. This look will likely turn heads around.

College Outfit Ideas #8: Ruffled Skirt With Cardigan


Ruffled skirts are so cute and very timeless. Pair those stylish skirts with cardigan and ankle boots. This look will show your cute and spunky side!

College Outfit Ideas #9: Leather Jacket on Leather Pants


They say, “leather outfits bring out that bad girl image out of all of us.” It definitely shows that you are not to be messed with and boosts your confidence! Be the BOSS with this look.

College Outfit Ideas #10: Pleated Skirt


Pleated skirts are perfect for school days especially when paired with a warm sweater and blue ankle boots. It reminds us of school uniform skirts. This outfit is absolutely cute and will make you look gorgeous!

College Outfit Ideas #11: Crop Top With Skirt


These cute garments are too cute to cover up! Pair a crop top with a skirt and match everything with a hat to complete the simple and sexy look.

College Outfit Ideas #12: Rompers


A romper is cute for the spring season in college and for your everyday relaxed look as well. They’re fashionable and pretty!

College Outfit Ideas #13: Sporty Look


For sporty cute outfitters out there, who says you can’t dress in your style and still be adorably gorgeous? This look is sure to bring out your personality and paired with your favorite sneakers and off you go to college!

Watch this video from Allegra Shaw for more causal back to school outfit ideas:

So, tell me. Aren’t you excited to go to school with these cute outfit ideas? But tell you what, don’t be confined to what people tell you to wear.

Show the different side of you and be experimental because hey, this is college! You’re meant to find balance in everything: school, friends, life, and love. So don’t forget to enjoy and show your free-spirited self!

Which among these cute college outfits are so you? Share your outfit for college by leaving a photo in the comment section provided below. We want to see how our cute outfitters do fashion.


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