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feature image | Cute Outfits With Leggings: What To Wear On Top [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cute Outfits With Leggings: What To Wear On Top [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are so many ways to wear leggings. You can match almost anything with it and still look great. Read on to see how you can create more cute outfits with leggings.

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In this article:

  1. Wearing Leggings to Match Your Cute Outfits
  2. What Shoes to Wear for Cute Outfits With Leggings

How to Wear Your Cute Outfits With Leggings

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Wearing Leggings to Match Your Cute Outfits

I love wearing leggings! They’re so comfy and I can easily match almost any outfit with it—particularly the black leggings.

Just remember, when wearing leggings, to not forget to accessorize to make your outfit stand out, keep in mind that the material is made of thick cloth, wear proper underwear (to avoid panty lines), and as much as possible, cover up your behind by wearing a long top.

1. Plaid Button Up


Just like wearing jeans, wearing a plaid button-up is effortless to pull off and will absolutely make you gorgeous. Again, remember to wear one that is long enough to cover your rear.

For a more casual look, pair it with your favorite sneakers, I personally choose my white sneakers. For a more formal look, pair it with boots and don’t forget your accessories.

2. Oversized Shirt


Wear an oversized chambray shirt on top of your leggings, it will look fantastic. Match it with a neutral cardigan to up your game a little more.

You can also wear brown boots to match the color combination that you’re having.

3. Cardigans And Sweaters


An oversized knitted cardigan or sweater that is. Just like the shirt we talked about, you try out a gray-colored cardigan or sweater and wear an eye-catching colored shirt inside.

4. Hoodie


The safest in my list for me, but one of the cutest, I’d say. Match your leggings with a hoodie and a black cap for a laid back look. Wear your hunter boots underneath for the cool and rainy days.

5. Denim Jacket And Scarf


As much as I love wearing leggings, I very much adore wearing a denim jacket. Of course for the colder days, add layers by wearing a scarf.

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6. Tunics


Long tops usually look stunning with leggings. It may look simple but can pack a punch and make your outfit stand out from the rest.

Wearing long asymmetrical tops will create a structure for your outfit. At the same time, wearing it with vertical lines will add a bit of style to your overall look.

7. Short Dresses


Adding a twist to the mentioned long top with leggings, wearing short dresses on top of leggings can also make a difference and make you look great. Being in the theme of asymmetrical tops, short dresses or draped tops will make your outfit cute and fabulous.

8. Long Shirt


If wearing short dresses or tunics is not your cup of tea, wearing a simple long shirt may work. You can also go crazy on your leggings and wear leather or faux leather leggings underneath long shirts that would cover your bottoms and thighs.

9. Long Coat


Long coats or cardigans can elongate your figure because of the vertical lines it can create. On top of that, layering with long coats can be a great idea to keep you warm in winter.

Wearing denim jacket over long shirts can help as well.

10. Poncho


Leggings are so comfortable and make you warm on colder days. To add more warmth for those days, layer your outfit with a poncho or a cardigan.

This is one of the safest and warmest choices when it comes to an everyday look and when matching leggings. Match the entire outfit with booties and you’re ready to go out to flaunt it.

What Shoes to Wear for Cute Outfits With Leggings

Wearing open vamp shoes usually keeps your leg line look longer when wearing leggings but there are other options you can put on when pairing outfits with leggings.

1. Booties


For colder days, wearing booties on top of leggings is a go-to look. It is perfect for a leggings outfit and matching it with your top will make you look very cute.

2. Sneakers

Young Woman In Pink Leather Jacket Outfit | Cute Outfits With Leggings: What To Wear On Top

For those who want to play safe but still look very cute. Wearing sneakers on almost any kind of outfit will look cute and wearing them on top of leggings is definitely a great look.

3. Knee High Boots


To keep you warm and for the more formal-than-wearing-booties-look, wearing knee-high boots is definitely the way to go. This is a perfect match when wearing coats and long cardigans.

Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Cute Outfits With Leggings: What To Wear On Top [INFOGRAPHIC]

Basically, you can wear almost anything with leggings and still look great. It is easy to match any cute outfits with leggings. For me, what’s important is how you bring yourself. Just be confident in yourself and you will look and feel great as well.

Do you have other ideas and ways on how you match your cute outfits with leggings? Tell us in the comment section provided below!


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