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Three Young Girls Having Fun | 15 Cute Shirts For Teens To Make Them Stand Out In School | Featured

15 Cute Shirts For Teens To Make Them Stand Out In School

There are a lot of ideas and designs for cute shirts for teens that can be worn daily whenever they go to school. Are your girls equipped with the right clothing for their daily school outfit? They just have to choose which design they like to wear depending on their mood and what their outfit would be for the day.

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Cute Shirts for Teens for Their Everyday Wear in School

1. Black or White


Let’s start off with the basics. A plain black or white shirt may seem too simple for some but it can spell a difference in an outfit. For your girls, pairing jeans, white sneakers, and a jacket on top of a plain black or white shirt can be really cute. It gives out a simple and still fun look.

The same goes for shirts with different plain colors. The important thing to make your girls stand out wearing a plain colored shirt is dressing up with confidence and pairing it with the right bottom and accessories.

2. Striped


Striped shirts are usually a summer staple. The red and white striped shirt is the cutest for your teens. Pair it with blue jeans and white sneakers.

Another idea when thinking of a way to match a striped shirt is to match it with leggings. Or your teens can wear it with a plain colored cute skirt and match everything with their most comfortable shoes.

3. Tie-Dye Shirt

Batik Tie Dye Tshirts | 15 Cute Shirts For Teens To Make Them Stand Out In School

The 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion are coming back and being restyled for the new decade. One fashion staple of those decades is the tie-dye shirts. It’s coming back. Oh actually, it didn’t even leave. So it’s here to stay. These colorful shirts, usually in very comfortable cotton fabric, are very easy to wear and easy to match.

The most common and yet very effective look when wearing tie-dye shirts is wearing them with light jeans and Converse All-Stars. To give it a twist and for a more formal looking outfit, match a tie-dye shirt with a blazer and a more formal white shoes.

4. Statement Shirt


If your girls are too loud on their thoughts or just want to express themselves through print, statement shirts are perfect. A simple word or phrase worn could get their message across especially if they wear it to school.

Statement shirts are usually printed on comfortable cotton fabrics as well and matching it with jeans and their favorite sneakers.

5. Streetwear Brand Shirts


Street fashion became very common with teens lately and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. Brands such as Supreme, Thrasher, Adidas, or Off-White, among others are some of the brands teens get crazy with.

Commonly worn with skinny jeans and white sneakers paired with your girls’ favorite accessories.

6. Band Shirt


Wearing band shirts has been common with teens and became a staple for streetwear. Especially for those girls who love rock music. Rolling Stones, Beatles, or Nirvana band shirts are the most common. Even seen worn by Taylor Swift and Kendal Jenner on some occasions.

Wear these band shirts with denim shorts or distressed pants and match them with black or white sneakers.

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7. Running Shirts


Running shirts give out the athletic look in your teens when wearing them for school. It could sometimes serve as dual-purpose for everyday wear and for a jog or workout after school.

Running shirts are usually worn together with yoga pants and rubber shoes.

8. Rainbow Shirt


A cute graphic designed rainbow shirt shows out your girl’s happy and cheerful personality. It is definitely pretty and can be worn daily.

9. Artwork Shirt


For local artists or even well-renowned artists, placing artworks on shirts has become a fad and it looks really lovely, too.

10. DIY Shirt


A DIY shirt as an everyday shirt? Why not? Customize a shirt with your girl that she, or even you, can wear on a daily basis. The sky is the limit for creativity here.

You can put anything you wish on the shirt. You can do it by painting on it, silk screen printing, or by sewing different patches. This will be a great opportunity for a bonding session too!

11. Oversized Printed Shirt


Oversized printed shirts have become a fad recently and it has been commonly related to the emergence of the KPOP fad and fashion. It can be worn with short shorts, high socks, and white sneakers.

12. Pocket Print Design


Pocket shirts are really cute. There are a lot of designs when it comes to graphic shirts and adding a pocket in a shirt could widen the possibility of adding more designs.

What’s cuter than shirts with pockets are shirts with faux pockets and printed pockets. Although you lose the functionality of the actual pocket, it can be worn with your girl’s favorite jeans and any shoes she desires.

13. Animal Portraits


Is your girl an animal lover? Then this one is the perfect shirt for her. A shirt with an animal portrait printed in the front. Whether it’s the same breed as your pet or just a random photo of a dog or cat, this kind of shirt is really cute and can be really eye-catching.

14. Retro


Retro designs inspired by the 60s or 70s are very cute shirts for teens. Typography, graphic, and a faded print makes up a retro-inspired shirt and is great for her everyday wear.

15. Floral


Floral prints are beautiful and are really great designs of cute shirts for teens. These can be a symbolism of something or just be a beautiful print on your girl’s shirt. Other floral prints can be seen on sweaters as well.

Watch this video from Marla Catherine and learn how to improve your girls’ style with just basic clothing:

From simple shirts to printed ones, there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from when setting up an everyday wardrobe for your girl’s school outfit. These cute shirts for teens are what’s popular and will make them stand out in school. Just remind them to wear anything with confidence.

Show us your teens’ cute shirts as they get ready for school. Share your photos in the comment section provided below.


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