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DIY Balenciaga-Inspired Crop Top

Do you want to upgrade your old tank top and make it more fashionable? Read on to learn how to make this stylish DIY Balenciaga-Inspired Crop Top from A Pair and A Spare.

Crop tops are trendy. They’re fun to wear and versatile. Ditch going to the mall to buy your crop top! Now you can make your own from your old tank top. We’ve got inspired from the Balenciaga SS13 collection crop top, and we’re ready to share the tutorial. Let’s start, shall we?

How-To | DIY Balenciaga-Inspired Crop Top

You’ll need:

  • A white tank top
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (optional: if you want to gather the straps)


Step 1:

First, you need to cut the back out of the tank to create the crop. Measure a line a few inches below the bottom of your bra strap when the top is on where you will cut to. Lay the tank face down and cut out the back, following the line of the seams.

This is how the back of your top should look like.

Step 2:

Turn your singlet over and mark the very middle of the front. Next, cut a straight line down the middle, as if you are cutting the opening of a cardigan.

Step 3:

Cut the way to the bottom of the tank top.

You’ll get this:

How to Wear the Crop Top

1. Tie the leftover fabric in a knot and let it hang down, but you can also cut it short if you like.

2. Tuck the top edges of the singlet in. You can tuck the edges into your bra to secure the fabric.

3. If you like the look of the gathered straps, use your needle and thread to sew a little dart into them.


Now you’ve just made yourself a very stylish and edgy crop top! Match it with a skirt or cullotes for a stand out OOTD!

Check out more DIY crop top ideas from this video of Lyss Ryann:

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