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13 Summer Maxi Dresses That Are Effortlessly Chic | Cute Outfits

When it comes to effortlessly chic style, there’s no going wrong with summer maxi dresses. 

13 Summer Maxi Dreses That Are Effortlessly Chic

It’s undeniable that maxi dresses and flip-flops are the most comfortable things anyone could wear (well, except PJs and sweatpants, right?), but it takes a real fashionista to make these comfortable clothes look stylish. Since maxi dresses are summer’s uniform, we’ve made it one of our missions to show you how to take the comfortable maxi dress and transform it into your hottest outfit of the summer.

To ensure you have a stylish summer maxi dress adventure this year, read on! Whether you’re partial to a bohemian look or going for a retro vibe, we’ve selected the best maxis this season has to offer.

1. Full-Length Maxi Dress13 Summer Maxi Dresses That Are Effortlessly Chic | Cute Outfits

We save our little black dress for formal events and bring out this long, black beauty when it’s time to play. A full-length, monochrome maxi dress is the perfect basic to add to your summer wardrobe as it’s incredibly versatile and can be easily transitioned from day-to-night.

2. In My Beautysphere Color Block Maxi Dress

Color block and a Chevron pattern in one dress? Be still, our beating hearts. The light colors and airy, Grecian styling make this a great dress for running errands or going to the beach in.

3. Striped Maxi

13 Summer Maxi Dresses That Are Effortlessly Chic | Cute Outfits

Now that you have your solid and color block maxi dresses, it’s time to round out your collection of essentials with this striped maxi dress from Anthropologie. When styling your striped maxi dress, follow these rules: pair it with contrasting, brightly colored sandals and matching earrings. The pop of color will elevate your simple striped dress.

4. Breezy Yellow Maxi Dress

13 Summer Maxi Dresses That Are Effortlessly Chic | Cute Outfits

Everyone needs a yellow dress in their life, especially once summer rolls around. It’s been scientifically proven that the color yellow inspires feelings of happiness, joy and content, so with that in mind, why would anyone not want to wear this color? For those with warm undertones, opt for a muted yellow as opposed to a pure yellow. Pure colors, like the yellow in the dress featured below, look better on cooler undertones.

Click here for a guide on how to find the most flattering colors for your undertone.

5. Gray Backless Maxi Dress

Gray is a flattering color on any skin tone, so we always recommend having a gray item in your wardrobe. Along with white and black, it’s a basic color that is versatile and can be adapted to any style or event.

6. Striped Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress

Channel some serious #AudreyHepburn vibes with this retro-inspired, 3/4 sleeve maxi dress. The 3/4 sleeve is an elegant cut that makes this kind of dress a great outfit for work or a casually formal event.

7. White Hot Maxi Dress

13 Summer Maxi Dresses That Are Effortlessly Chic | Cute Outfits

A white maxi dress is a summer wardrobe staple. Not only is this cotton dress breathable, but it’s incredibly chic style makes this the perfect Sunday outfit. We love the Game of Thrones cut on this dress and, personally, live by the rule that white dresses should be as simple as possible whereas black dresses can be tailored with hardware.

8. Floral Maxi Dress

Feel like Princess Buttercup for a day with an ethereal, floral maxi dress. We love our floral dresses with long sleeves or no sleeves at all and when styling them, are always sure to pair them with cute leather sandals, a straw fedora, and minimal makeup.

9. Sweet Cut Out Maxi Dress

Cut outs, florals, and maxi dresses, oh my! This is the ultimate maxi dress as it embodies every hot summer trend. This dress can be worn down with flats or sandals, or paired with a lace-up wedge or caged heels. Which shoes would we wear with this dress? These black, soft leather Tory Burch sandals.

10. Boho Maxi Dress

This dress, those shoes, everything about this look is perfect for music festival season and we love it.

11. Kate Maxi Dress

Simple, flattering, cozy. Those are the three words we would use to describe this stylish, yet comfy dress. Unlike the muumuu (does anyone still wear those?), this maxi dress is stylish enough to be worn in public.

12. Olivian Maxi Dress

This is an everyday maxi dress that can be easily switched up with the right accessories. For a guide on how to layer your jewelry, click here.

13. Bariano Melissa Peach Maxi Dress

Pretty in peach! That’s our motto for summer and we’re sticking to it with this dress in our closet. Best paired with nude flats or heels, this peach dress makes for the perfect summer date night outfit.

What’s your favorite summer maxi dress? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook!

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