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9 Dermatologist-Approved Summer Skin Care Tips For A Healthy Skin

Are you ready to take your summer skincare routine to the next level? Check out these helpful tips and products for glowing skin, approved by skincare professionals.

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Priceless Skin Care Tips for a Summer Glow Up

1. Cleanse Twice a Day

Hot and humid weather will always try to get the best of us, whether we decide to rock a bare face or not. No one is exempted of the common summer skin problems like oily skin, acne breakouts, or dry irritated skin.

But there’s a way to arrest skin problems. Let’s start by cleansing our skin at least twice a day! There’s no use in applying skincare products if you’re skin is not rid of impurities.

Recommended products:

  • Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser — this mild cleanser is one of the safest products for skin hygiene, it keeps even the most sensitive skin free of sweat and excess oils

2. Choose an SPF Sunscreen

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Before hitting the beach or going on an adventure for your summer vacay — don’t forget to apply a thin layer of SPF lotion on your skin before you head out!

With no milky or sticky residue, quality SPF cosmetics protect your skin from damaging sun rays and make your skin glow.

Recommended products:

  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 — a melt-in sunscreen milk rich in antioxidants, with UVA/UVB protection, and a velvety texture that leaves skin soft and hydrated

3. Keep Skin Pigmentation at Bay

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Nobody likes the dark spots that acne scars, skin imperfections, and unintentional sun exposure leave on our skin.

But the good news is, we can lessen their appearance. Yes, that’s right! We can enjoy a beautiful, smooth skin tone by properly treating skin pigmentation.

Recommended products:

4. Swap Out Heavy Cosmetics for Lighter Formulas

Having a natural skin glow is our goal, especially during summertime! So avoid overdoing your look with heavy creams and lotions. They easily get smudged, from the heat and make you feel sweaty and sticky.

Just lighten up your skincare routine with foaming and featherlight skincare products instead.

Recommended products:

  • SkinCeutical B5 gel — An oil-free hydrating serum for oily skin, restores radiance and keeps skin moisturized
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion — A lightweight-formula moisturizer that does wonders for dry skin, leaving it fresh, smooth, and soft.

5. Cool Off with a Face Mist

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Any warm sunny day at the beach would be incomplete without a cool face mist to keep the skin refreshed.

Tip: Keep it in the fridge at home or in the cooler when outdoors. Aside from helping the product last longer, a cold mist can help soothe the skin from the heat of the sun.

Recommended products:

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6. Apply the Right Summer Skin Care for Your Lips

Lips are susceptible and prone to sunburn. It’s sad that sometimes we overlook or forget them in our summer skin care routine.

Do not apply cheap balms and reflective glosses on your lips because these can worsen the damage. Use lip sun protection balms instead.

Recommended products:

7. Use SPF Powder for Your Nose

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One of the most sunburnt areas is your nose, so give it a double dose of sunscreen. This way you can be sure you are keeping the squamous cell carcinomas away.
Tip: A good trick to take care of your nose is to trust the power of SPF powder makeup! It’s time to stop worrying about sunburn and simply enjoy the moment.

Recommended products:

8. Skin Care for the Delicate Eye Area

If you’re shopping for summer cosmetics — don’t skip on eye products. Hot sunny weather can be harsh on the delicate eye area.

Sunburns around the eyes are very common, and they are the leading cause of premature aging and wrinkles.

Recommended products:

  • Neocutis Lumiere — fast-absorbing eye cream with a light nourishing formula, reduces puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles, and protects the fragile skin

9. Scalp Protection

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Summer heat and sun exposure can damage the sensitive skin along your hairline. And it may ruin your vacation mood.

So no matter how thick or long your hair is, intensive scalp care is a must during the warm season.

Recommended products:

Bonus Tips:

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hydrating your skin is another rule of thumb. This will help your skin recover after a sunburn.
  • Applying dermatologist-approved products is one thing, but nourishing your skin from the inside is another. Don’t forget to eat healthy food and take food supplements that can help protect your skin from premature aging.
  • Summer heat may cause skin dryness. Do exfoliate with glycolic acid at least once a week.

How about product application techniques? Check out this Tips & Tricks video by Dr. Drey:

Are you excited to protect your skin this summer? With these dermatologists-approved summer skincare tips, you can enjoy the warm season at its finest.

How do you keep your skin healthy during summertime? What are your skincare hacks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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