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Stylish Summer Work Outfits Fit for a #GirlBoss

Dressing up for work can be a real challenge, especially in the hotter months when skirts and tank tops are all anyone wants to wear. Since warmer weather is approaching, we’ve rounded up these stylish summer work outfits that will keep you cool and won’t make your coworkers cringe.

Stylish Summer Work Outfits Fit for a #GirlBoss

When it comes to work outfits, we already know what is and isn’t passable: culottes, check; sandals, leave them at home; mini-skirt, well… maybe with tights?

While work outfits allow us to look polished and professional, the restrictions imposed don’t necessarily give us a lot of wiggle room in terms of creating unique looks that speak to our individual style and personality.

That’s made even harder once summer hits. What the heck are you supposed to wear to the office when it’s 90 degrees out? Even then, is there an outfit that is work-appropriate, will keep us cool while we’re outside, and warm while we’re in the office and our coworkers are blasting the AC like they’re being banned tomorrow? Is that asking for too much?

Well, ladies, if you’ve found yourself in the same predicament, we’re here to tell you that stylish summer work outfits are more than just a seemingly-paradoxical desire; they’re a reality.

Below are tips to making your summer work outfits work.

1. The T-Shirt Girl

Nothing is more comfortable in the summer than wearing a tank top, but since that isn’t professional, you’re better off wearing a t-shirt instead. Whether you choose a plain or striped tee, always pair it with a cute pencil skirt. Preferably one that’s textured to add detail to your look.

Pencil skirts look more professional, but if the dress code rules lighten up during the summer in your work environment, go for an above-the-knee skirt. As for your shoes, heels are always the professional choice, but this outfit would also look great with clean, white sneakers.

Striped Knit Top | Forever 21

Stretch Knit Pencil Skirt Light Rose | Forever 21

Faux Suede Pumps | Forever 21

Faux Leather Crossbody | Forever 21

2. The Go-To Denim

Stylish Summer Work Outfits Fit for a #GirlBoss

Denim jackets are so versatile and can easily be paired with any item from your Spring/Summer wardrobe.  If you’re going for a casual office look, wear a muted colored tank top underneath.

For your pants, go for something that really hugs the legs like skinny pants. Tight-fitting jeans will provide contrast to the bulky denim jacket. For your footwear, we suggest going with cool, printed sneakers to add some spunk to your look, or keep it classy with nude pumps.

Tank top Orange | H&M

Denim Jacket | H&M

Slim Fit Pants High Waist | H&M

Platform Shoes  | H&M

3. Office Chic

So a chic look is what you want, eh? Then your best option would be to wear a dress to work. After all, this is the season for it!

A structured dress looks best with closed-toe heels, chic cat eye sunglasses, and a medium-sized crossbody bag. Think Victoria Beckham when creating a chic work outfit.

ASOS Shirt Detail Shift Dress | ASOS

Oasis Multi Zip Cross Body Bag  | ASOS

ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses With Built Up Highbrow | ASOS

Public Desire Una Nude Lace Up Heeled Shoes | ASOS

4. The Floral

Goodbye blazers, tight pants and heels! This outfit is perfect for a laid-back, casual, creative office environment. The highlight of this look? The flowing, floral trousers, of course!

The pants are the center of attention in this outfit, so keep everything else simple. We recommend finishing this outfit with a cropped button-down shirt, black leather sandals, and white sunglasses.

Flowing Trousers | ZARA

Cropped Shirt | ZARA

Braided Leather Flat Sandals | ZARA

Stripe-Panel Square Sunglasses | Forever 21

Consider yourself ready for the summer! Which was your favorite look? Let us know in the comments below!

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