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Then and Now Fashion: The 70s Fashion Trends

Right now, in 2016, the 70s, 80s and 90s fashion trend are all making a comeback and boy, we love it!

Can you just imagine wearing a hippie vest but with a modern twist? Or what about wearing sweeping bell bottom pants? This year is high time to relive 70s fashion so keep a look out. In the meantime, let’s take a look back at the 70s fashion trends and compare them to what we often see today.

1. The Baby Doll Dress

It was cute then and still cute now. But this time around, we have more accessories to match it with.

2. The Necktie Blouse

I’m a fan of the necktie blouse and I think it’s pretty. I actually didn’t know it started in the 70s.

3. The Bohemian Style

The difference between boho then and now? Perhaps, it’s more artsy and sleek this time around. However, the difference isn’t that huge because I think 70s boho style was beyond fabulous too!

4. The Blazer

Then and Now Fashion: The 70s Fashion Trends

Still pretty much the same I believe, although blazers today have a lot more designs and cuts so there’s more to choose from.

5. The Hippie Vest

We like the vest but the hippie 70s vest can look too dated. Instead, wear a vest with the same appeal but in a different style or texture.

6. The Peasant Blouse

The peasant blouse is very pretty on women because it gives that dainty girly look. The only difference between then and now is that the cuts today are sexier. Also, there’s tons of prints available today too.

7. The Denim Flare

Then and Now Fashion: The 70s Fashion Trends

Who can ever forget the denim flare from the 70s? Apparently, no one because it’s still so hot today. The only difference is that denims today are made from better denim fabric.

8. The Long Tunic

Back then, tunics were usually partnered with long skirts or pants. Today, the tunic is enough to be worn as a dress.

8. The Disco Wear

In the 70s, disco fashion was all about the feathers, the ruffles, the sequins and the bright colors. In the modern days, clubbing fashion is more about the dark colors, the simple style and most often, body-hugging dresses.

10. The Mini Skirts

The mini skirts will never say goodbye, but it definitely has been revolutionized. I find the minis then to be more subtly sexy compared to what we have today which just screams LEGS!!!

11. The Bell Bottoms

If I’m excited about the return of 70s fashion, it’s definitely more about the bell bottoms. The thing is, I can’t wear bell bottoms all the time if it’s out of fashion. But thankfully, this is the year to wear the heck of out them! Yey!

11. The Lace Up Shoes

Then and Now Fashion: The 70s Fashion Trends

Back then, the laces were thicker. Today, women go crazy for strappy heels and sandals.

Looking back at 70s fashion makes me feel nostalgic and it really makes me wonder how life was back then. Back in the 70s, there was a lack of technological innovations, but that didn’t stop them from looking cool and awesome! Come to think about, if 70s fashion weren’t so crazy cool, the designers today would have less inspiration today.

Anyhow, so far, what’s your favorite piece? What do you think you’ll be wearing a lot of? Let us know ladies!

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