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11 Velvet Dress Styling Tricks For The Fashion-Forward Woman

A velvet dress is a testament to three things: style, trends, and touch. I’ve been seeing numerous styles of it in the mall nowadays and it’s got me thinking about what I’ll be wearing as the clock strikes 12 for the upcoming New Year.

If you’re still stumped with your New Year’s ensemble, keep on reading. Who knows? You may end up getting a velvet dress or two to love and experiment with!

Styling Velvet Dresses For New Year

I’ve always been intimidated by the look of a velvet dress. Although I admit that it’s pretty versatile — it can go from elegant to casual in an instant with a bit of styling — I’ve usually taken to passing from it by saying that it just isn’t my style.

But alas, ladies, isn’t fashion an everyday experiment? Isn’t it meant to break down borders in an attempt to be fashion forward? Isn’t it fun to try on different kinds of clothes, even ones that are outside your comfort zone? Yes, yes, and yes!

In a couple of weeks, 2017 will make its way and many will be making their New Year resolutions — myself included. One of my resolutions include possessing a sense of fearlessness in all that I do, clothing included. That said, I’ve already made up my mind to welcome the year of 2017 with a velvet dress! I’ve even made a list of styling tips to help me create my outfit.

1. Thigh High Slit

I like playing on my assets. One of them being my legs. Thigh high slits are perfect because they call attention to them while still letting me look classy as ever. I’ve got to say, this option’s a strong contender on my New Year OOTD.

11 Velvet Dress Styling Tricks For The Fashion-Forward Woman

2. Booted Up

There’s something that just catches my eye when it comes to mini dresses paired with boots. I’m particularly drawn to wearing a festive color come New Year’s Eve. This silver one should do the trick!

3. Two-Toned

This two-toned velvet dress is gorgeous beyond reason. It’s perfect for someone like me who can’t get enough of black dresses. But at least this time, I’ll a change from the usual LBDs.

4. Color Coordinated

There are times when I like matching my clothes with my shoes. I’ve been obsessed with blush and tan tones recently, so I’m considering this ensemble as well.

11 Velvet Dress Styling Tricks For The Fashion-Forward Woman

5. Off The Shoulder

I like hiding the holiday bulge by drawing attention to my collarbones, which makes this dress one of my absolute faves. Not only does it highlight my clavicles but it’s also got such an adorable scallop cut. It’s just too cute!

11 Velvet Dress Styling Tricks For The Fashion-Forward Woman

6. With A Leather Jacket

On days when I’m feeling edgy, I like layering with a leather jacket. It pairs with almost everything, including a velvet dress.

7. Over Tights

Is it just me or do black tights instantly make an outfit look more stylish? They make for an additional way to keep warm as well. Now that’s a win-win solution.

8. White Sneakers

The sneaker trend is still a trend to be recognized. Wearing white sneakers help strike a balance of cool and casual to an otherwise elegant dress — perfect for the first lunch date of 2017.

9. Topped With A Hat

Want to make your casual day ensemble stand out more? Top your look with a hat. You could even swap out those sneakers for a pair of combat boots.

10. Over A White Tee

Ah yes, the trendy shirt under a dress style that Kendall Jenner’s been seen sporting off the runways. I don’t know about you, but I’m giving Kendall a thumbs up on this look! It’s so easy to recreate.

11 Velvet Dress Styling Tricks For The Fashion-Forward Woman

11. A Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are one of my no-fail outfits whenever I’m in a hurry. I literally just throw it on, slip on some boots, grab my bag, and I’m out the door faster than you say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Phew, that word alone was exhausting to type!

Want to DIY your own velvet dress? Check out this video from With Wendy!

There you go, ladies! Those are my thoughts on styling a velvet dress. Personally, I think this article just made me want to buy tons of velvet dresses to use for the first few months of 2017. They’re just so great to style and incredibly easy on the eyes. I think I’ve turned into a velvet dress convert. Hopefully, you have too!

Accessorize your velvet dress with this choker from Mason and Ivy!


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