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What Is A Tankini And 5 Reasons To Wear It On Your Next Beach Trip

Hey, my lovely fashionistas! Do you know what a tankini is? And why you need to upgrade your swimwear to tankinis if your beach capsule wardrobe is no longer Instagram-worthy?

Let me give you five good reasons why you need to switch your beach outfit to a tankini set.

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5 Surefire Reasons to Wear a Tankini to Your Next Beach Trip

What is a tankini? A tankini is a women’s two-piece swimming wear designed in a way that the top half consists of a tank top while the bottom is a bikini bottom.

1. Belly Pooch Coverage

Haven’t worked those abs yet? Don’t fret! Belly fat is what it is, and it shouldn’t burst your beach trip bubble because these tankini suits will get you the coverage you need in all the right places.

Here are two best tankini sets that are great in covering our healthy bellies:

Ruffled Overlay Tankini Set

Overlay tank tops are stylish, and I cannot think of a chicer way to reduce the visibility of your belly pooch than with this ruffled tank top paired with a cinched floral bottom.

Tip: The cinch gives an illusion of a leaner belly.

Lattice Front Floral Tankini Set

Tankinis don’t get any better than this floral lattice front overlay matched with this flattering ruffle black skort. With this tankini, you get coverage in both top and bottom body parts, and still be smoking hot.

2. Mix and Match

Unlike one-piece swimsuits, tankinis let unleash your creativity, and best of all, your fashion sense to match different colors and tank top designs.

I can’t take my eyes off these two sets:

Shirred Ruffle Bandeau Tankini

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600]

Get the perfect tan and steal the show with this ruffle shirred bandeau and high waist floral bikini bottoms.

Play around with colors and have it all this summer.

Frill Top Tankini

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] This polka dot bottom is irresistible. The teal tank top may be a perfect pair, but any pastel tank top would also look cute.
[amazon box=”B07TP6686K”]

3. Slim Down

We know that some outfits can make us look a little slimmer or bigger than we are, and tankinis are no different. If you want to look slim, try out these prints:

Fine Striped Tie-Front Tankini Set

Bring on an easy-going but sexy look with this cool striped and front knotted tank top. You will be shocked at how many pounds this takes off your midsection.

Floral Key Hole Tankini Top

Another way to look slimmer is by wearing this interesting floral tankini. The peek a boo hole detail takes the set a notch higher by showing a bit of cleavage.

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4. Comfort

The need to be comfortable in your beachwear this season cannot be emphasized enough. These two sets are our top picks:

Floral Crisscross Tankini Set

Talk about having the perfect balance of comfort, support, and sass in one tankini outfit. Rock this to your next beach trip and enjoy the eyeballing.

Halter Neck Peplum Tankini

Peplum outfits are flattering, and no doubt, this floral high neck peplum tank measures up. Not to mention the support offered by the high neck straps and the comfort that comes with the fitting and flare sections.

5. Preference

Simply rock tankinis because you love them as much as they are your style. For me, I prefer to have these two in my beach capsule:

Frill Asymmetrical Tankini Set

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=600] This ballsy frill asymmetrical white tank paired with Spencer high waist bottoms is cute. Wearing this set makes you look fresh and sophisticated.

Fringed Sheer Lace Tankini

Summer is too short for me to tone down my love for lace and fringes. If you’re like me, go all out with this saucy fringed tankini set and show off some class and mystery.

Still not sure what tankini bathing suits are? Find out more in this video from Beautips – tips for beauty, style and health:

There you go, ladies. Now you know why you should level up your beachwear to tankinis. With these ten inspirations on how to nail a tankini look this summer, you will be off to your tankini hunt on Amazon. Because, why not?

Let us know which of these tankinis you will be rocking next by commenting below! 

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