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7 Winter Boots That Are Made For Walking

“These winter boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do.” Whether for style, comfort, or functionality, see our list of footwear you can wear during the cold season.

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Winter Boots Perfect for the Glassy Ice and Wet Snow

What Makes a Winter Boot?

A winter boot is meant for the very cold weather and to gain traction when walking especially when the ground is icy and slippery.

If you’re looking for a pair of winter boots, you have to consider the materials used to fit your needs. Whether you will use it for a formal occasion, daily wear, or for heavy snow use.

There are also all-in-one boots that will cater to every situation. Just keep in mind the fabric or textile made for the upper (the entire part that covers your feet and ankles) and sole (the bottom part of the shoes that will provide great traction).

The upper part of the boot is commonly made with water-resistant material such as nylon for the snow and leather for a sturdy and warm feel. Meanwhile, soles of boots have bumps and crevices which acts as a grip for the slippery ground and are made of rubber.

1. Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boots


Also called a UGG alternative, the Bearpaw Women’s Emma short snow boots will keep you warm even in the coldest days of winter. On top of that, it is one of the most comfortable pair in this list.

It doesn’t feature the heavy and clunky material most snow boots have but it does it job and looks great as well. Go pair it with your favorite skinny jeans.

2. Crocs Women’s AllCast II Luxe Snow Boots


Crocs manufacture the most comfortable footwear without sacrificing much of the design. The Crocs Women’s AllCast II Luxe snow boots are duck-styled boots and are very very comfortable.

It will keep your feet warm and dry even when you’re walking on deep snow. It is made with a leather upper portion and rubber midsole and sole to for excellent traction on slippery surfaces.

3. Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boots


The Kamik Women’s Momentum snow boots are the easiest pair to deal with in this list. You don’t need to deal with laces since it is equipped with an elastic cord with a toggle to loosen and tighten the shoe.

Making it easier to take off or put on even if you have your winter gloves on. Its sole and midsole are made from rubber and its upper part is crafted with a waterproof material to keep your feet dry and warm.

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4. Columbia ICE Maiden II Snow Boots


The Columbia ICE Maiden II snow boots are made for the very deep snow. It has a 9-inch shaft length that rises up to the middle of your calf. Its upper is made from leather to keep your feet warm and dry and its sole is made with rubber material for outstanding traction.

It comes in different colors but the all-black color is our favorite. These boots will be great to pair with dark-colored pants as well.

5. Globalwin Winter Snow Boots


Snow boots can have staggering prices, considering you’ll only be able to use it for a few months in a year. However, Globalwin released its stylish winter snow boots line with an easy-to-reach price tag.

Going for as low as $30, this pair can keep you warm and is still comfortable since it has a fleece-lined inner portion and is constructed with a leather exterior for perfect functionality.

What we like about this is the knit details on its top. It gives out a beautiful look. These will match perfectly with your favorite light-colored jeans.

6. Muck Boot Arctic Ice Tall Boots


The Muck Boot Arctic Ice tall boots are perfect for the ice and the most slippery pavements. It has a Vibram Arctic Grip technology made with the right perforations in its sole to make sure you are planted on the ground every time.

This boot goes high as the top of your shin to make sure your legs are also warm. It also has a pull tab to make wearing and taking the boots off as very easy.

7. Timberland Camdale Fashion Boot


Going out on a date or a party? The Timberland Camdale fashion boot should be your choice.

Different from the rest of the boots stated above, these Timbs have 3-inch heels perfect for your night outs. Do not fret about the heels though, as the entire bottom part of the shoes is made from rubber to ensure traction.

BONUS: Adidas Outdoor Terrex Speed Running Shoe


We may be talking about walking in the snow here, but we also need to consider those who will still go for a run outside. Wearing a boot when going for a sprint will definitely slow you down and this is where Adidas Outdoor Terrex Speed running shoes come in.

These shoes are lightweight to help you when running. It has great sole traction for a worry-free run outdoors.

Although the upper portion may not be water-resistant, it is molded with breathable material to let your feet breathe and prevent overheating during exercise.

Watch this video from Popsugar Fashion for fashion tips on how to wear your winter boots:

In picking the best winter boots for yourself, consider the comfortability and the best one that will suit you well. Choose the right ones with the materials you desire and what you think will have the best grip from the icy ground. Lastly, as the song goes: “Are you ready, boots? Start walking.”

Which winter boots will you consider having? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section provided below!


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