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The Best 2015 Fashion Trends We’ll Always Remember

Goodbye, lace-up flats. We’ll miss you. 

We are just two weeks shy of saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to a new year and new fashion trends! However, we can’t let go just yet before highlighting the fashion trends we loved throughout the year and my god, they were good!

There were dozens of fashion trends that exploded in 2015, but unfortunately, we don’t love them all. Some are just too crazy and some were better left on the runway. But with all of the trends out there, we have more than a handful that we went crazy for. These fashion trends were so good that I have a feeling they’ll be just as popular in 2016 as they were in 2015. So, here are the best fashion trends of 2015 we’ll never forget.

Let’s begin:

1. A-Line Miniskirts

A-Line skirts are, by far, the most flattering skirt you can ever wear in your life! They’re great on both curvy and slender women. This year, the A-Line skirt was a bit edgier and much shorter. These miniskirts are now the “it” thing and can be easily matched with any top you plan to wear. It really makes daily wardrobe planning easier.

2. Ponchos

This year, the ever-reliable ponchos were back in action! I still remember the days when wearing ponchos was akin to wearing your grandma’s clothes (no offense to grandma), but now, these ponchos are trendy, versatile and very dependable. There are plenty of different designs, patterns and colors for ponchos that were made available in 2015 and I suggest you buy more to stock up for next year. It’s really a great fashion item to own.

3. Classic Plaids

When it comes to patterns, there is only one winner of 2015 and that is plaid. We’re talking the classic and sophisticated plaid print. We just couldn’t get enough of it this year! Plaids are easy patterns to wear; simply pair them with a plain bottom and you’re good to go. In addition to plain plaid, matching plaid sets were a huge hit this year. I highly doubt that plaids will ever go away; they’re officially a classic!

4. Lace-Up Flats

When it comes to footwear, there are two styles that stood out this year, with one of them being the lace-up flat. We love them for two reasons: 1) they are flats! 2) they make flats look even more adorable! I’m a flats-lover because they are just so comfy. And now, these lace-up flats take the look a notch higher in terms of style, which is why I have two (or more) pairs of these… and so should you!

5. Athleisure Wear

No, we don’t love the trend just because Gigi Hadid wears it. We love athleisure clothes because they’re very comfortable and versatile. Athleisure is a mash-up of athletic +leisure wear, which means that you can now wear your gym clothes in public and still look trendy as hell. But aside from the looks, I believe it’s a great fashion concept if you can wear athletic clothes casually. I know it’s nothing new, but this trend will definitely make stores make more athleisure wear. Hurray for us!

6. Off-Shoulder Tops and Dresses

Off-shoulder tops and dresses aren’t really new either, but hey, we prefer them over the off-shoulder tops that keep your arms pinned to your side. I don’t even know how that ever became a trend. But anyway, what we love about the off-shoulder style is its subtle sexiness. It shows just the right amount of skin and in a really classy way too… and we’re all about class, my dear.

7. Culottes

Culottes took over the world of bottoms in 2015 and I personally love them too! They’re easy to mix and match, comfortable to wear, they look great and are very flattering for different body types. I can’t imagine life without culottes and I really hope they’re still hot next year. But even if they aren’t, I’ll still wear them anyway!

8. Kiini Bikinis

Why why why do we love Kiini Bikinis? My short answer, why not?! Kiini bikinis are probably the only swimwear that stood out for me this year. Let me rephrase that, the only swimwear that has stood out in years. We love its unique design. It’s offers a boho vibe mixed with modern chic. We love the combination of bright colors. We love the crochet. What we love most? We love that it’s handmade! I think the better question is, what’s not to love about it?

9. Chanel Slingback Heels

This Chanel goatskin and grosgrain slingback swept women across the world off their feet. The combination of camel brown and black is timeless. The low heels and slingback style made it wearable, which we don’t get much of from fashion week. The love for this slingback is crazy and very understandable. The pair is comfortable to wear and the colors are easy to match. You’re missing out if you don’t have a pair.

10. Skinny Scarves

Whether it’s the chilly season or not, scarves always come in handy. But in 2015, we traded our bulky and thick scarves for slimmer ones. Why? Because skinny scarves are a simple way to add oomph to your wardrobe. With skinny scarves in the mix, wearing a thick one just seems like such a hassle, doesn’t it?

11. Long Vests

Who would’ve thought that the rebirth of the vest would depend solely on its new length? I certainly didn’t! I can still recall those days when I loved wearing vests on top of my top. It made me feel so chic! And then, the vest became obsolete. In 2015, it made a huge comeback but it came back with added length and we love, love, love it! It looks great, it’s easy to wear with work and casual clothes, and it’s just comfortable! What else can we not love about it?

12. Wrap and Tuck Tops

Goodbye fakely wrapped tops. Welcome, real wrap and tuck tops! Yes ladies, the wrap and tuck tops are the real deal. You wrap the top around you and tuck them in. That’s that! Why do we love it this year? Simply because it looks amazing and easy to wear too. Plus, you can adjust how tight or loose you want the wrap and tuck to be. A little experimentation every now and then is fun!

13. Dior’s So Real Sunglasses

The only eyewear that made trending news this year were Christian Dior’s So Real sunglasses. And my goodness, they are gorgeous! I really can’t describe it any further, the sunglasses speak for themselves. Bellissima!

14. Double Buckle Belt

Just because we are sick and tired of having one buckle, we decided to make it a 2015 fashion norm to have two buckles. All joking aside, the double buckle belt is a genius new design to the classic belt design we’ve all come to love. This is a good change.

15. Adidas Stan Smith

The classic white sneakers will never be out of fashion. But thanks to Adidas’ Stan Smith for women, these pair of white sneakers will never ever be boring too. They come in different colors, which will surely fit your personality. If you still don’t own a pair, please buy one now. Trust me when I say, if you have an Adidas Stan Smith, it’ll be the only pair of sneakers you’ll need (until the next big thing comes along).

So ladies, which of these top 2015 fashion trends are for keeps? Which pieces did you drool over? Do you think these trends will hold up come 2016? Let us know!

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