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10 Cute Floral Print Heels For Your Stylish Outfits

Yes, you can wear florals all year ’round! The secret to pulling them off? Know when you can go wild with prints, but also know when to tone it down. Floral print heels are an excellent way to keep wearing florals since they’re super easy to dress down for everyday and glam up for special occasions. Floral print heels don’t have to be scene-stealing if you don’t want them to be! From full-floral prints, floral sequin designs, to subtle hints of this feminine design, there are so many ways to wear this design.

The Cute Floral Print Heels For Your Stylish Outfits

You Can Never Have Enough Florals

Like many other girls, I have a bit of a shoe problem. I mean, there are just so many gorgeous pairs of shoes out there! From sandals, to sneakers, to flats, I end up wanting them all. But when I feel extra girly, I just slip on a cute pair of heels for an instant pick-me-up. Floral print heels are one of my favorites. I can just wear a jeans and a plain tee, and a pair of floral print heels will instantly make my outfit stylish. You can wear floral print heels during the day to work or school, then just style them up for nights out. Here are some of the cutest floral print heels you should definitely have in your wardrobe.

1. Classic Pumps

10 Cute Floral Print Heels For Your Stylish Outfits Invest in floral print heels in a classic shape like pumps. That way, you can wear them with everything! Style them with jeans, dresses, or workwear.

2. Low Pumps

For more laid-back outfits, I generally go for lower heels like this one. They’re much more comfy and practical! I can definitely wear this pair with a cute white sundress, don’t you think?

3. Strappy Heels

Strappy heels are slowly (but surely!) making a comeback. So hop on this trend before everyone else with a super cute pair of strappy floral print heels. This pair from ASOS comes in this year’s Pantone colors as well, so it will definitely keep you on-trend.

4. Peep Toe Heels

10 Cute Floral Print Heels For Your Stylish Outfits

Peep toe heels give off a more romantic but casual look. Peep toe floral print heels are the perfect pair to finish off a date outfit! You’ll look feminine and chic but still very fashionable.

5. Embellished Pumps

Sparkle makes everything better, floral print heels included. This D&G pair has show-stopping rhinestone embellishments that will make you stand out from the crowd, whatever you wear with it.

6. Sheer Pumps

If your style is more romantic and girly, these sheer pumps with sequin detail are perfect for you! Floral print heels like these are my go-to heels when I attend weddings or other formal events.

7. Round Toe Heels

If you have bigger feet, pointy shoes might make them look even bigger. Go for round toe shoes instead! You’ve got lots of options like these Miu Miu floral print heels. They’re also on the darker side, so you might be able to wear them to work too.

8. Bow Heels

This pair has all the makings of the girliest shoe ever: soft florals, gold accents, and a super cute bow. Betsey Johnson really knows how to dress us girls, doesn’t she?

9. Accent Heels

While all the other floral printed heels we’ve seen were all florals, this pair is a more subtle approach to the trend. It’s got a gorgeous magenta strap in front, but turn the show around and the pretty florals are cute accents. This is going on my shoe wish list for sure!

10. Lace-Up Heels


The lace up heel trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and I sure don’t want it to leave! It’s a great style that transitions well from street style to more formal occasions. These lace up floral print heels are just what we all need for a girly but edgy touch to our outfits.

Watch this video from Ann Le {Anneorshine} for different ways to style floral prints:

Okay, maybe I have a big shoe problem. But with all these cute floral print heels, it’s so hard to pick just one favorite pair. I’m sure you’re having the same dilemma right now, but do you have any favorites? Let me know!

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