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12 Cute Skirt Outfits You Can Layer This Winter

Skirt season can never be done even in winter. Those cute skirt outfits you wear for summer and the warmer months can be worn for the colder season as well, can you believe that, girls?

Wear Your Cute Skirt Outfits For The Cold Season

Of course, layering is important when you still want to rock your skirts for the cold season. You just don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite hemline just because the season for it is over, right? With the right combination of colors, sweaters, different outfits, and footwear, you can’t just sacrifice looking great even if it’s freezing outside.

We’ll show you different styles and combinations you can try on. So don’t keep your mini and maxi skirts, for now, bring it back out and make it a staple for your everyday OOTD. Here are our cute skirt outfits you can try even on the cold days.


Match With A Chunky Sweater


Don’t you just love artful prints? Why not pair your chunky sweater with artful prints with your skirt? This can look great on any chilly day, especially whenever you want to feel great (which is every day, right?). Just like maxi skirts, this is great for those who want to look longer and the art prints will definitely be super cute.


Long Socks


For those who want to wear the shortened hemlines that are usually just right above the ankles, add long socks under your sneakers to match your cute skirt outfits. What you can do to add flavor to it for the winter days is to wear a camel coat on top of a blue shirt and black skirt. That will be really cute.


Tall Boots


For those more chilly days and nights adding tall boots that will go under your longer skirts can be an added layer and can work as a protection for your legs for those windy days. You can match your tall boots with the color of your skirt and wear an eye-popping colored jacket on top to bring out your look.


Formal Look


For those occasions during the winter times that will require you to wear formal wear, consider using a floor-length skirt instead of trousers over a textured blazer and match it with a bow tie for your formal but still cute skirt outfits.


Skirt Under A Dress

We are talking about layers, right? A skirt under a dress is definitely layering and is a very cute skirt outfit especially during the winter season. Of course, don’t forget to wear it over matching colors or style to make a seamless look. Add in your belt bag for an extra layer.


Over Pants

After trying it under a dress, why not wear it over pants? Then again, don’t forget to match it with the same shade. Wear a buckle wrap skirt over flared-leg pants for a very cute outfit. A cute laced mock neck top can work very well with this look.


Coordinate With Boots


Just like I’ve been constantly saying, matching the colors when layering with a skirt is very important and coordinating your cute skirt outfits with boots can also be a great idea. You can try to camouflage your boots by choosing the same design as your skirt. For a great idea, a bell sleeve top matched with a high rise maxi skirt and a matching boots is perfect and absolutely stunning.


Skirts Over Tights

For your shorter skirts, this is a great idea for you. Tights are very essential if you want to enjoy your skirts during winter, especially the shorter ones you have in your closet. Wear a short skirt over your tights, paired with your high boots and a puffer jacket to complete a very cute outfit.


Longer Sweaters Over Skirts

Wear longer sweaters to cover most of your top during days you would still want to wear your skirts. Also, wear knee-high boots to protect your legs from cold gusts.


Overall Skirt Over Sweaters


An overall jumper skirt over your sweater is really cute and can really fit you during the cool days.


Maxi Skirt


Cute skirt outfits, you ask? For a more casual yet stunning look, go all-white with a white shirt, a white sweater or hoodie, and this cute silk maxi skirt.

Tucked In Blouse

Tuck a blouse in your long skirt for a cute outfit for the winter. It will make you warm and still look adorable.


Watch this video from Kayla White for winter layering hacks for your cute skirt outfits:

There are hundreds of ways you can rock your cute skirt outfits and there are a lot of combinations you can try. What’s best with fashion is you can experiment on your own and see which you think best fits you. Or even try your own style and start a trend. What’s tricky is mixing colors and textures that can either make or break your OOTD. There are also different looks you can try for different seasons. But for the colder months, layering your cute skirt outfits with other items can be so much fun.

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